Holiday lighting options -

Make the season brighter than ever!

Piling in the car and driving around your city in search of the best and brightest holiday light displays is a fun holiday tradition. And, as you may have noticed, every December brings with it some new and unique lighting trends and technology.

Here are a few Christmas light advances we at Remke have been enjoying.

Big Colors

Neon and boldly colored holiday light strands are all the rage this season. With advancements in lighting technology, you don’t have to choose between white, white, or white.

LED Strip lights for outdoors -

LEDs Everywhere

Many holiday light connoisseurs have made the permanent switch to LEDs. Why? LED Christmas lights produce little to no heat, requiring less energy to function. They have much lower energy usage, meaning you can string together 8 – 10 times more stands of lights using the same outlet!

With incandescent lights, stringing together anything more than 5 strands can be dangerous. LED lights also shine for a longer time. The average LED light strand is rated to last 25 times longer than incandescent. So, while they may cost more upfront, the return on investment is significant.

LED string lights for the holidays -

String Lights with Controls

With everything else becoming digital and interconnected, Christmas light manufacturers have stepped up their capabilities. Many new LED string lights offer a wireless remote control for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to change the strands’ brightness level or effect (flash, strobe, fade, etc.). Change your entire light scheme from the comfort of your easy chair.

Bulbs are Anything but Ordinary

Bulbs can mean so many things! You’ve got your normal green wire Christmas lights, but now there’s so much more to choose from including:

– Multi-color strawberry lights that give your home a colorful, vintage flair.
– Soft icicle lights ready to be hung from your roof.
– Globe lights that feel modern and funky.
– Rope lights, great for wrapping around trees, columns and fences.

Holiday Candy Cane Lights -

And don’t forget candy cane pathway lights, outdoor laser light projectors and – a Christmas light sound system that can be staked into the ground. You can use a system like this to program your lights to holiday music for the ultimate Christmas light show.

The possibilities are amazing in 2018, so bundle up, jump in the car, and see what your neighbors have come up with this year for their holiday lighting display.