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COMING SOON… customer intimacy instead of mass marketing to reach industrials… distributors viewed by industrial customers as transactional or service-oriented.

IS THIS NEWS?  A new report from Channel Marketing Group is based on interviews with almost 2000 industrial end users and industrially-oriented electrical contractors.  We believe that some of the information may very well be news as it has been a long time since we’ve seen a research report about the industrial/electrical distributor market today.  Other interesting points from the research include:

  • Industrial continues to grow fueled by the OEM market, industrial MRO and capital expenditures
  • Many industrially-oriented electrical distributors are excelling in the energy market
  • Contractor-oriented electrical distributors remain challenged with limited larger projects and fewer small, light construction projects

The research suggests that the industrial marketing is getting more nuanced – more segmented with subtle differences between the segments.  And that these nuances mean that mass marketing to industrials won’t work in the future.  If this is true, what changes will be needed in your marketing & sales efforts?  If this is true, does it change how we use the internet – or how we evolve and update our websites?  For more information from the Channel Marketing Group report click here.

What do you think of this research?  Is there some ‘news’ here? Please share your thoughts – and thanks for reading EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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