NEMA MC Cable Standards

New NEMA Standards for MC Cable Fittings

The amended NEMA MC Cable Standards, FB 2.20-2014 details revised guidelines for installation of MC Cable Fittings. and also covers AC and NM cable, FMC, LFMC and LFNC conduit that NEMA members manufacture.

The Standard was amended in May 2015 to address possible incompatibility between cable dimensions and legacy MC cable fitting designs.

The focus of the amendments are placed on important fundamentals, recent changes to code, product standards and installation practices.

NEMA MC Cable Standards for Metal Clad Cable (MC Cable) Fittings and Connectors

NEMA MC Cable Standards for Metal Clad Cable Fittings (Type MC) include:

  • Fitting Selection
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Required Marking
  • Cable Range
  • Grounding
  • Cable Preparation and Fitting Assembly Technique
  • Stripping Armor
  • Inserting Cable
  • Seating a Securement Clamp
  • Tightening Torque
  • Attachment to Boxes or Enclosures and Support
  • Verification of Installation

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