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Save Money And Space With Multiple Hole Bushings

Reduce equipment and labor costs, and reduce the space needed to terminate cables.

Multiple hole bushings allow you to terminate several loose cables and conductors into a single cord grip with one simple fitting.

This infographic illustrates all of the benefits of using multiple hole bushings with any type of cord grip.

Infographic: Multiple Hole Bushings from the Remke Industries Blog -

Remke Has Over 300 Configurations of Multiple Hole Bushings to Offer

Standard Neoprene multiple hole bushings should be used in environments where there is little risk of exposure to harsh elements.

Silicone multiple hole bushings should be used in environments where chemicals are present, or there are extreme temperatures. Silicone is an excellent electrical insulator and its composition makes it highly resistant to ozone, UV and heat.

Automotive, medical devices, aviation and aerospace, electronics, construction and industrial industries should all consider using silicone multiple hole bushings.

Multiple Hole Bushings Can Be Added to Any Cord Grip Manufactured by Remke

Multiple Hole Bushings for Cord Grips from Remke.

Add-on a multiple hole bushing to save money and space on standard aluminum cord grips to stainless steel and even Valox®!
Standard sizes have 1-5 holes.

Remke can manufacture any size bushing, with any number of holes or different materials to meet your exact specs. Contact our Engineered Solutions team to get precisely what you need for your unique application.