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When deciding which molded connectors will give you optimum performance, there are many factors to consider. A lot rides on these connectors, also called Quick Disconnects, and peak performance is crucial.

What are Molded Connectors?

Molded connectors typically refer to an overmolding process at the factory, when a cable connector is made that joins a connector to the cable. Industries that depend on automated processes will often use molded cable assemblies given their reliability.

Molded connectors come in a wide array of styles and configurations, and can handle difficult environments, such as those involving chemicals, moisture, or where the cable must flex repeatedly without prematurely wearing out. They’re available either as single-ended (one connector and cable) or double-ended (connectors at both ends of the cable).

Typical applications for using Mini-Link Molded Connectors Include:

  • Sensors on conveyors
  • Automated assembly equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Robotics equipment
  • Bus systems
  • Transportation equipment

Molded Cordset Purchasing Checklist

Given that there are so many options, from so many electrical connector manufacturers, it’s important to keep the factors below in mind before you buy.

Product Considerations for Molded Connector & Quick Disconnects

  • STYLE: M12, M8, mini connectors, distribution boxes, attachables or bus systems
  • KEY: Dual or single
  • Number of POLES
  • Assembly LENGTH
  • OVERMOLD material
  • CABLE type and gauge
  • CUSTOM cable
  • Cable COLOR
  • SHELL or coupling
  • ENVIRONMENT where connector will be installed
  • RATING for IP, NEMA connectors
  • SPECS for ROhS, CSA and UL compliance
  • ACCESSORIES like closure caps and adapters

Supplier Considerations for Molded Connectors & Quick Disconnects

  • COUNTRY of origin – is it MADE in the USA?
  • SUPPORT staff that is available and knowledgeable
  • IN-STOCK products with the right options
  • LEAD TIMES for shipping are fast
  • QUANTITIES are flexible – can they break the box?
  • MINIMUM order quantities are within reason
  • Flexible RETURN policy
  • LOCAL support to fix issues fast
  • CUSTOMIZATION of connectors to your exact specs
  • ISO Certified
  • Easy Project QUOTES

Contact Remke For Quality Customized Molded Connectors

Remke is here to help you select exactly the right electrical connector and deliver just want you want in a supplier. Our products are proudly made in the USA, and we can customize any cable assembly to your exact specs with our Custom Engineered Solutions program for no additional cost!


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