Remke PowR-Teckmetal clad cable connectors are a one piece unit that won't have you wasting time assembling.

Metal Clad Cable Connectors – What’s Offered and What’s the Best Choice?

With a wide variety of metal clad cable connectors available on the market, it’s hard to figure out ‘who makes what’ and compare that information to your specific needs. Sometimes the information is at your fingertips, but sometimes it takes a little digging or isn’t available at all, especially if the product your searching for is quite specialized – like MC Connectors. Don’t worry, Remke Inc. has done the digging for you!

Check Out Our Metal Clad Cable Connectors Manufacturer Comparison Tables!

We’ve recently released a new, updated website that includes a wide array of resources, such as a series of product manufacturer comparison matrices to help streamline your decision making, making information easy-to-find anytime.

For example, our MC Cable Connector product comparison matrix compares four leading manufacturers of these products, telling you all about what size each has in stock and comparing key features and attributes of the product.

MC Cable Connectors Product Comparison Matrix from Remke Industries

This resource also includes individual tables that compare standard aluminum mc connectors, standard nickel-plated aluminum mc connectors, and stainless steel mc connectors, providing you with a wealth of useful information.

Remke MC Cable Connectors Have a Unique 1-Piece Design to Form a Watertight Seal

Rated NEMA 4 and IP 65, Remke’s MC Cable Connectors are in-stock in 1/2” to 4” Hub sizes in aluminum, nickel-plated aluminum and stainless steel. Enjoy the one-piece compact design and unique PowR-Lock grounding seal for superior conductivity. The neoprene bushing provides superior pull-out and sealing protection, and with no disassembly required, anticipate easy and fast installations every time.

Learn more about what makes Remke’s PowR-Teck MC Cable Connectors a step above the rest.



Comparison Matrixes

Use Remke’s product comparison matrixes as a resource, supporting your research and decision-making from start to finish. Additional product matrices include:

  • Stainless Steel Connectors Manufacturer Comparison
  • Cable Connector Manufacturer Matrix
  • Cable Management & Connectors by Industry
  • Molded Cable Connectors by Industry
  • Large Cord Grips Manufacturer Comparison

Resources & Tools

Under Resources & Tools, we maintain a treasure trove of information related to electrical connectors such as whitepapers, infographics, case studies, downloadable product information, and additional product literature like our Master Catalog.

Use this section as a guide, helping you find answers to tough decisions, while learning more about the unique products we offer. And if you ever have any unanswered questions, please feel free to give us a call at 877-438-8833, we are here to help. Contact Remke today to request a quote.