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Maximize Operational Uptime With Plug & Play Components On The Plant Floor

Today, manufacturers have more connectivity choices than ever.  They can integrate control devices into the sub-systems and machines on the plant floor.  On-Machine components can include everything from PLC’s, sensors, actuators, contactors, distribution boxes and network hardware.

Choices are wonderful. But are you getting everything you need (and eliminating what you don’t) to maximize uptime while reducing overall cost?

What if Manufacturers Could Remove Control Devices from Traditional Enclosures?

Here Are Some Benefits:

  • By removing the control devices from traditional enclosures, companies can reduce the number of junction boxes, connection points and potential failure points on the floor.
  • Plug & Play components can also eliminate almost all cable reconnections, thereby reducing wiring man-hours.  And factory-molded cordsets to a specified cable length reduce wiring errors and save money.
  • Plug & Play components help companies keep up with a modular approach on the plant floor that reduces costs while improving productivity and maximizing operational uptime.

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