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Reliable Connectors Are a Must in Harsh Environments

To ensure a reliable electrical connection in sensor connectors and guard against premature failure, it is essential that you use the right materials for the overmold.

The best ones for the job are TPE, specialized PVCs and PURs, as well as Rubber Compounds. They help combat the potential problem areas that include heat, chemicals, liquids, temperature extremes and motion stress.

Basic Guidelines to Find the Right Sensor Connector for a Harsh Environment

Sensor Connectors by RemkeHYBRID THERMOPLASTICS are ideal for applications with high-speed machining or robotics

HYBRID THERMOSET materials, such as rubber, are best suited for either very low temperatures or for welding application where extreme heat won’t replasticize the mold when the weld slag hits the connector.

SPECIAL TPE & PUR compounds are formulated to resist chemical and acid stress in machining applications.

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The Right Manufacturer Makes All the Difference!

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