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A 20.3 Point Increase in the Most Recent EBCI for Current Conditions in North America

NEMA’s Electroindustry Business Conditions Index (EBCI) for March 2016 shows a sharp, 20.3 point increase from February 2016, growing from 44.4 to 64.7.

NEMA Business Conditions Indexes EBCI March 2016 - Remke Blog


The Index reports that a significantly larger percentage of panelists reported conditions improving, rather than eroding.

  • 41% said business conditions improved (vs 22% in February)
  • 12% said conditions deteriorated (vs 33% in February)
  • 47% claimed conditions were unchanged (about the same as February)

The report also measures the intensity of change in the electroindustry, which also increased in March, from -0.2 in February to +0.5.

Finally, the EBCI for future North American conditions also improved in March, rising to 61.8 from 52.8 in February.

NEMA Electroindustry Business Conditions Index EBCI Chart March 2016 - Remke Blog


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Why are these numbers important?

They are a gauge of the electroindustry, by industry leaders!

NEMA’s EBCI indexes come from a monthly survey of senior managers at NEMA member companies in the US and Canada.

The survey asks the following questions:

How would you rate current economic conditions in North America, as they affect your business, compared to the previous month?

Using the following scale, please describe the magnitude of change in economic conditions in North America this month, compared to last month?
5 (improved significantly) 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 (stayed the same), -1, -2, -3, -4, -5 (deteriorated significantly)

How do you expect economic conditions in North America, as they affect your business, to have changed six months from now?

Get the report each month at Electroindustry Business Conditions Index.


What do you think?

Ask yourself the questions above, and let us know what you think! How is your business faring in the current economic conditions? Do you see that changing? How?

Leave us a comment below, or share your thoughts on social media.


We also encourage you to take your answers and evaluate your current business strategy. It could be a great time to make some adjustments and meet the future with more confidence!