Manufacturing facts - an infographic from Manufacturing Innovation Blog, republished on the Remke Blog

Manufacturing Affects Every Aspect of Life, Every Day!

A variety manufacturing facts for insights to the power of making products in the US.

Understand some key manufacturing facts and see how your work contributes to the economy in the US, and globally.

Manufacturing Facts – An Infographic

Originally published on a Manufacturing Innovation Blog by Zara Brunner, this infographic says a lot about manufacturing!

Did you know that US manufacturing accounts for nearly 11.8% of the GDP? Or that 59.2% of total US exports are manufactured goods? Those numbers are significant when you realize how much it really is!

Here is some great information about manufacturing in the USA.

Manufacturing facts - an infographic from Manufacturing Innovation Blog, republished on the Remke Blog


“Looking at the data from 2016, there appear to be some changes. For instance, the number of total jobs in the U.S. went from 12.1M to 12.3M, wages increased, and manufacturing went from being the 5th largest to 6th largest employer in the country.”, says Zara Brunner in a comment on her blog post.


Little Known Facts about US Manufacturing

Another article by Pucel, 10 Little Known Facts about US Manufacturing, raises more great points.

4. Every new manufacturing job is estimated to create 1.6 new jobs in the local service businesses of that manufacturing facility. If it is a high-tech industry, that number increases to 5 new jobs.

5. Manufacturing has lead the rebound from the “great recession,” accounting for 29% of total economic growth in America since 2009.

7. Manufacturing is leading the way in making use of renewable energy – at a usage of 2,269 trillion BTUs of renewable energy in 2012, they made better use of it than the transportation, residential, and commercial sectors combined.

8. Between the four sectors (manufacturing/industrial, transportation, residential, and commercial), manufacturing was the only sector to reduce CO2 emissions between 1990 and 2012, reducing them by 13%.

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