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RJ45 Ethernet Connectors Have Changed Manufacturing Automation for the Better

The industrial connectivity landscape has changed dramatically the past few years as industrial ethernet has rapidly become the network of choice for demanding environments. This rise to prominence would never be possible without the right connector, like Remke’s RJ45 ethernet connectors, which can be field wired and installed faster, for less downtime!

RJ45 Ethernet Connectors for Industrial and Commercial Use - Remke Blog

RJ45 Ethernet Connectors Install Quickly and Easily — Without Special Tools.

No special tools are required to assemble Remke’s new RJ45 ethernet connectors and installation can be done in about 60 seconds witha contact pressure plier wrench or a parallel pressing tool.

No Special Tools 1

No Special Tools 2Just insert the cable, line up the insulation piercing contacts, clip the wire ends, and the connector is ready to transmit.

Exert even pressure across the wire manager to ensure the contacts go through the plastic sleeve on the wire and make positive contact with the wire and the terminal contact in the wire manager.

When you need to extend your network, repair an ethernet cable or quickly connect a device without a cable assembly on hand, Remke’s new ethernet connectors have you covered!

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NEMA & IP Rated Ethernet Connectors for Harsh Manufacturing Environments.

Ethernet connectors help form the critical link between cables and devices, carrying data that records and communicates information. The key is that industrial connectors are designed to withstand the harsh environments — temperature extremes, humidity, vibration — that’s found in most plant process areas.

Remke’s new RJ45 Ethernet Connectors for manufacturing are NEMA and IP Rated to deliver protection against harsh environments, including additional strain relief for bending and flexing.

Their zinc die-cast housing has 360-degree shielding for protection from outside electronic interference for better reliability.

Features of Remke’s New Industrial Ethernet Connectors:

  • Quick and easy installation — it can be done in under 60 seconds!
  • Able to use standard access points, routers, switches, hubs, cables and optical fiber
  • Automatic wire cut-off function
  • Terminated tool-less with Cat.6A cables in the field
  • Able to have more than two nodes on link
  • Better interoperability

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RJ45 vs M12 Ethernet Connectors for Manufacturing Automation

The most widely known ethernet connectivity cordset is the RJ45, and it’s most commonly used in enclosed places like panels and cabinets. Because these areas are protected from the environment, it removes some concerns related to shock, vibration, and problems with water or oil.

They also allow for quick access points for data — like, for example, when engineers want the flexibility to plug a laptop directly into the network on the factory floor. Because RJ45 connections are the same as a computer’s ethernet port, maintaining them on the floor allows engineers quickly get the data they need — no special adaptor cables required.

With M12 Ethernet Connectors, there’s not the concern over shock, vibration, changing temperatures, and exposure to water and oil that there is with the RJ45. All the M12 connector’s components are encapsulated in a rugged overmold. Remke’s M12 connectors offer IP67-rated protection against water, dust, vibrations and accidental impacts.

The Increased Popularity of Ethernet In Manufacturing

Ethernet connections are found everyplace where high-speed-data transfer is a necessity, from the office suite to the factory floor. A wide range of industries and companies quickly adopted it based on the fact they were familiar with it and its network design.

The benefits of being able to move more data at faster speeds than fieldbus networks with ethernet makes it a popular choice. In fact, it’s the leading choice for high-end and data-heavy applications where bandwidth and bottlenecks can be issues. This even holds true for smaller, more compact applications.

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