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Not All Electrical Connector Companies Are The Same

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A quick way to compare manufacturers of cord grips and cable connectors is this chart (below) of the capabilities offered by different cable connector manufacturers, including Remke, Molex, Pass & Seymour, Hubbell, T&B and Appleton.

Most of the companies listed here, which is pretty much the universe of electrical connector manufacturers, are storied names in the electrical components industry.  What you will notice is that all of them are giant multi-national corporations.  While that in and of itself is not a bad thing, when it comes to keeping it American it is definitely challenging to find companies that have made the commitment to keeping jobs here in the USA.

For example, Appleton and O.Z./Gedney are owned by Emerson Electric.  Crouse-Hinds is owned by Eaton.  Pyle-National is owned by Amphenol.  Woodhead is owned by Molex and Molex is owned by Koch Industries.  Thomas & Betts is owned by ABB Group.  Pass & Seymour is owned by Legrand.

While manty of these companies are US based they have made the decision to offshore their production of many of the items that Remke competes against.  The reasons for their moving their production to countries such as China and India are based on scale of economies and of course economic concerns.  In contrast, Remke has made the conscious decision to keep the majority of its manufacturing right here in the USA.  In fact, when given the choice, Remke seeks out raw materials suppliers that are based in the US as well.

Supply Chain Issues With Manufacturers of Cord Grips and Cable Connectors

Due to the fact that most of Remke’s competition chooses to source their production and raw materials from outside the US, it comes as no surprise that this can lead to issues in supply chain continuity.  According to a 2018 report by IHS Markit concluded, “The challenges for companies to manage their component supply chain, monitor component obsolescence, keep costs low, and meet production schedules have never been worse.”  That was in 2018, before the global pandemic.

Remke has been insulated from supply chain issues in large part because of their insistence on keeping the majority of production right here at home in the USA.  This presents challenges of course, but at the end of the day, the customer, our distributor and end user clients, can expect few if any delays due to supply chains being spread out across the globe.  When given the choice to keep it ‘Merican, Remke does.

Compare Manufacturers of Cord Grips and Cable Connectors Chart

Compare cord grip and cable connector manufacturers.

Made in the USA and More!

Remke manufacturers electrical connectors in our Chicago area facility, with pride in the Made in the USA label.

Because we make the bulk of our electrical connectors and cable connectors here in the USA, we have

  • More product in stock
  • We can ship faster from our centrally located warehouse and Manufacturer Representative warehouses
  • We can deliver more product options than manufacturers who import from overseas.

Quickly compare our capabilities in the chart above, and visit to learn more about our product lines, including cable glands, liquidtight, Stainless Steel connectors, wire mesh grips, metal clad cable connectors and much more.

If you are looking for a company you can believe in, look to Remke to help you keep American jobs at home and to help strengthen our economy.