Electrical Connector Manufacturer Cross-Reference to Remke Connectors

Exact-Match Any Remke Connector

A new tool from Remke makes it easy to find the exact connector you need, based on other manufacturers’ part numbers, or even a partial one! There are over 15,000 SKUs in our database to help you find your perfect match.

It’s so simple! No fuss, no wondering if you got it right – now you’ll know for sure with just a click.

And it’s all on one webpage, just click to use the Remke Cross-Reference Tool.

How to Use Remke’s Cross-Reference Tool

Electrical Connector Manufacturer Cross-Reference to Remke Connectors

Simply visit the webpage and type in the Manufacturer/Competitor name and the part number (or part of it) and click ‘Search’.

You’ll easily find matching Remke part numbers, along with a product description and details.

Get corresponding part numbers from any of these manufacturers.

  • Appleton
  • Thomas & Betts
  • Turck
  • Brad Harrison/Molex
  • Woodhead/Molex
  • Crouse-Hinds
  • Hubbell
  • Bridgeport
  • Iberville
  • Lumberg
  • Myers
  • Pass & Seymour
  • Pyle National
  • Raco

Other Tools from Remke

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Did you know that Remke has and entire section of the website dedicated to helping you select the right type of electrical connector for any application?

Visit the Resources & Insights page on our site to find:

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