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You don’t need to wait for connectors from overseas.

Remke is a quick-shipment away!


The Great Waiting Game

Has this happened to you?

You’re on the phone with a supplier of molded connectors  who says, “Sure thing! We can  have a quote for you in 1 week.”

Or you’re on hold, again, waiting for an answer on ship dates and finally hear, “We should be able to ship that order to you in about 5 weeks.”

But you have deadlines! What do you do? 

Don’t pull your hair out or mutter curse words under your breath.

Just call Remke!

Molded connectors and quick disconnects by Remke

M12 and Other Molded Connectors Made in the USA

If you’re searching for M12 molded connectors, or any size or style, call us.

The line of Remke Tuff-Link Molded Connectors are made in our Chicago factory, not overseas.

They are ready for shipment in days not weeks and weeks.  We’ll make sure your shipment happens as promised when a blizzard hits!

Remke connectors are direct replacement for molded connectors from all the ‘big guys’ (and you know who they are).

In addition to M12 and mini-connectors, we also have:

  • Snap & coupler pico configurations
  • M8 and M12 attachables
  • Micro-Port and Mini-Port Distribution Boxes
  • Shielded & splitter connectors
  • Bus system products
  • Custom-manufactured connectors in large or small quantities.

Remke Service is Second to None!

At Remke real, live people answer the phones and are ready to help you.  IF you get voicemail, you’ll get a call back right away.  No voicemail tag. Just hard-working folks who will call you back.

And, order quotes will be sent to you in 24 hours. 

Call Remke at 1-877-438-8833 and your problems with getting molded connectors will be history!


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