M12 Ethernet Cables and Connectors

Industrial-Strength M12 Ethernet Cable Connectors Withstand the Elements

If you seek a secure data connection within the manufacturing, process control, or factory automation industries, and you deal with harsh environments, the Remke M12 Ethernet Connector may be the ideal solution for you.

The M12 Ethernet Cable Connector is Designed with Industry Standard D-Coding for Ethernet and Fieldbus Use

These small, but sturdy and durable connectors are ideal for flexible applications in harsh environments where the highest degree of oil resistance extended service life are essential.

Even when subjected to extreme shock or vibrations, these compact connectors ensure a secure data commission with rates up to a Gigabit. In fact, every Ethernet connector is molded to shielded TPE cable for Cat5e data performance.

TPE cable features an abrasion-resistant jacket with 3 times the low-temperature flexibility and resists solvents, chemicals and fuels better than ordinary PVC.

If you count on high bandwidth and secure data transmissions, M12 Cable Connectors are a viable and cost-effective option for your industry.

Quick to Install, Remke M-12 Ethernet Cable Connectors Can Withstand Intense, Rugged Environments, Providing Reliable Ethernet or Fieldbus Network Availability

M12 Ethernet Connectors for Industrial use in Harsh Environments - Remke

Key Features of This Compact Molded Connector Include:

  • Single and double-ended options including RJ45 cable assembly
  • Available in male & female, straight and 90 degree configurations
  • Temperature ranges between -40˚C to +80˚C
  • The receptacles are designed for conventional threaded connections to ensure reliable mating

Find Compact Design and Enhanced Environmental Protection in a Single Connector

RJ45 connectors are the most widely used connection technology for Ethernet systems. However, for Ethernet networks that must comply with protection class IP67 or 68, the M12 connector is best suited for those applications.

As both connectors offer Cat5 compliance, Remke’s double-ended cable assembly provides you with the IP68 protection of a Remke M12 Micro-Link molded connector & the compact design of the RJ45 connector for horizontal or vertical multi-port connections. It’s the best of both worlds!

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