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Custom Electrical Connectors Deliver Better WiFi from Routers Mounted to Street Lights

Sometimes the standard electrical connectors aren’t the right solution.

A major global technology company discovered this sooner versus later.  Although we can’t use their real name for this story let’s call them BigT.

Ruggedized Electrical Connectors for Wi-Max 

A leader in their industry, BigT was developing components to support wide-area, Wi-Max wireless broadband internet networks.  Their system design included a Wi-Fi router to be installed on existing assets in cities and towns like street lights & light poles.

BigT needed weatherproof cable & connectors to send 100-volt power to the router which were certified for outdoor installation.

Custom Electrical Connectors for WiFi Routers on Street Lights - Remke Blog

Big T contacted several potential suppliers including Remke.  In this case, Remke really was the small fish in the big pond as we were competing against two larger, more well-known connector manufacturers.

Molded 3-Pin Rubber Connectors were the Answer

To meet the specific requirements of the application, the Remke Engineered Solutions Team developed a molded mini-style 3-pin black rubber connector with UV resistant black type SOO-W cable and a mating receptacle.

We chose SOO-W cable because it is certified for indoor/outdoor use and offers excellent resistance to ozone, weather, sunlight and water which all come into play when the connector sits on top a light pole. The connector system was installed on routers sitting atop light poles with cabling to the ballast at the base of the pole.

BigT tested our solution and got results that exceeded their design specifications. BigT described the Remke solution as “the most robust” and chose us over the bigger guys.

The First Connector was So Robust, It Led to a Second

It wasn’t long before BigT asked us to develop a second solution so their router could connect to an energized photo cell on the top of a streetlight.

We worked with their vendor who supplies the photo cell and designed a connector system that utilized the photo cell as the power source for the Wi-Fi router.

In this new system, the vendor terminates 3 feet of SOO-W cable from the mini-style molded connector into their photo cell.  Testing demonstrated once again that we  had developed a system that exceeded the customers’ design specifications.

Both Wi-Fi router solutions continue to be utilized in all installations to date.

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Remke has been developing custom solutions for decades – literally.  If your application needs a custom product solution we invite you to look at Remke!

Check out other Remke case studies for custom electrical connectors.  We hope those examples will give you a better idea of how we can help solve your specific problem.