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Are you a member of Groupon?  Have you purchased a Groupon coupon?  For me those answers are “Yes.”  But being a Groupon customer made me wonder if electrical distributors could use this business model successfully.

Think about it.  Specialized services instead of car washes.  On-site training instead of dancing classes.  Discounts on a new product instead of 2-for-1 at a restaurant.  It could be done.  Electrical distributors could use the Groupon concept to introduce new products, offer special discounts on counter-area products or promote special training programs and seminars.

Successful marketing concepts in the consumer world can often be adopted for the industrial marketplace.  It just takes some thinking ‘outside of the box’.  Now it’s time for me to get busy and figure out the best way to use the Groupon model for Remke!

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