BD-2HL Melni Connectors from Remke

Take Crimping Out Of The Equation

The Melni BD-2HLS connector has changed the game in the electrical industry. A mechanical connector that replaces existing commercial mechanical and crimp-style connectors, its spiral insert technology simplifies the connection process making it safer, easier and less expensive.

How Does It Work?

Melni Makes the Connection Process Simple and Quick

When using the BD-2HLS, all that’s needed is the wire or cable, BD-2HLS and an adjustable torque wrench.

Once all components are in place, attach the BD-2HLS to a paddle and insert the conductor into the connector. Hand-tighten the gripper/seal ring on the Melni connector and then use a torque to tighten the connector to the value on the label.

Put washers and nuts on the bolts, then tighten to proper wrench. Melni’s spiral insert technology collapses around the conductor as the nut on the end of the connector is tightened, resulting in a complete wrapping of the conductor with the Melni connector. The elements inside the connector constrict down on top of the conductor, creating a perfect environment for the electrical transfer.

The BD-2HL Stands Apart

  • While traditional 2-hole lugs are non-range taking, the Melni BD-2HLS accepts anything between 2/0 AWG and #2AWG, spanning a large range of cable and wire sizes.
  • The BD-2HLS is all that’s required for a variety of electrical applications – having multiple lug sizes and specialized dies on hand just isn’t necessary anymore.
  • Traditionally, dependable electrical connections require multiple measurements, tool change outs and crimps. But, with the Melni BD-2HLS, you can cut down on time and labor – standard, everyday wrenches are all that’s needed to forge a fast and reliable connection.

Considering the minimal install time, range-taking capacity and basic equipment requirements, the Melni BD-2HLS serves as the best alternative to traditional crimp connectors.

Applicable across the electrical industry, this new technology will forever change how Power Lineman, Electrical Contractors, High Voltage Electricians, Construction Lineman and others install power, splice or change-out cords and cable.

Remke is the Master Distributor of Melni Connectors for the electrical industry. We are pleased to partner with a company that’s producing original solutions that result in quick, reliable and safe connections for our customers.

Ready to Learn More?

We Thought So.

For a quick read, check out the Melni BD-2Hl Spec Sheet.

If you’re ready to dive into the details, download our new Melni BD-2HL White Paper.

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