Melni connectors for direct burial and submersible applications; crimpless butt splice connectors -

Rated for Submersible & Direct Burial – A Smarter Crimpless Connector

In 2017, Remke rolled out the Melni BD-2HL, a 2-hole lug that has revolutionized the electrical industry by taking crimping out of the equation. It’s 2018 now, and Remke is ready to expand its crimpless connector product line with the Melni Crimpless Butt Splice Connector.

Decrease Time and Increase Safety with the Melni Connector

Rated for submersible and direct burial applications, Melni Connectors erase the need for heat shrink tubing, heat tools, and open flames. What’s more, no welding is required. This dramatically reduces the risk associated with direct burial spice connectors. With a fast, seamless installation, time exposed to live wiring is also decreased keeping your people safe and more efficient on the job.

How It Works

The Melni Butt Splice Connector is a simple, smart alternative to bulky crimpers and expensive tools. The patented spiral-insert technology collapses around the conductor as end caps are tightened – no crimping needed!

Simply insert the stripped cable into the Melni Connector.
Twist the end caps to tighten the patented spiral insert.
Tight the waterproof caps – that’s it!

Here’s the best part – After cable/conductor prep, Melni Connectors can be installed in LESS THAN A MINUTE. If you’re looking for a way to keep your power lineman, electrical contractors, high voltage electricians, construction lineman, and others safe on the job and more productive, this is it.

The Nitty Gritty

Rated for AL/CU, reduced excessive muscle and joint strain on-site
Waterproof, sealing caps on both ends of the connector compress a neoprene bushing around the cable, protecting the connection inside and out.
Simple tools, everyday wrenches are all that’s needed for forge reliable electrical connections.

Reduce risk and increase safety with less time exposed to live wires when using Melni Connectors.

Melni Connectors have changed the game in the electrical industry. At Remke, we are proud to partner with a company that’s producing innovative alternatives for quick & reliable connections.

Looking for More Information?

Watch a video showcasing direct burial and submersible Melni Connectors.

Watch a video explaining how to install a Melni Connector.

Or, download the Melni Butt Splice Connector Spec Sheet.

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