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The primary objective of our blog EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED is to offer you content that is of value.  Content that matches your needs.  Content that’s useful & helpful.  It would be great if our subscribers viewed this blog as a value-added resource.

We respect you which is why there aren’t any pop-ups or advertisements on this blog – we all see enough of those elsewhere.  We won’t abuse the frequency we send you emails about a new blog.  And we’re ready & willing to respond to your comments and questions.  We will consider what you have to say even if we don’t agree.

So how are we doing?  What blogs have been most useful?  What would you like to read on this blog in the future? Maybe…………

  • New Product Ideas (ex: smart grid)
  • Ideas & Tools that make it easy to do business with Remke
  • How to stories
  • Updates on industry news & trends
  • Behind the scenes at Remke – like a factory tour or meeting the customer service team
  • Polls and surveys
  • Provide overview & links to informative articles from other sources
  • Other ideas from you?

Please tell us how we can be a useful resource to you! And thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

Have a question related to cord gripselectrical connectors, manufacturing or or anything else related to the industry?  Or, do you have something you’d like to see us blog about?  We’d love to hear from you!  Send us an email through the contact form below.

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7 replies
  1. Jamie Schwartz
    Jamie Schwartz says:

    Product information is always valuable as are “how to” entries. As a manufacturer’s rep, I would like knowledge share on how to best sell/position Remke products. If other reps use a particular marketing strategy, promotion, or interesting sales tactic, I would LOVE to read about it.

  2. Graham Chatfield
    Graham Chatfield says:

    Great way for users to exchange thoughts and ideas. Suggestion… all comments should include a general location so users have more of an idea of how a certain comment may pertain to that individual user.

    Graham, Ontario, Canada

    • Mark Sweeney
      Mark Sweeney says:

      Thanks Graham for the idea on including locations. We’ll make sure to try and get that info published. Really appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  3. Cathey Richardson / General Power & Control
    Cathey Richardson / General Power & Control says:

    New product ideas and anything to with changes in the industry, along with sometimes a notice
    of jobs that have been awarded – especially those with engineering involved to solve a problem or help with an application. And I do think it would help to have sort of a virtual tour of the factory/sales office, or
    maybe something showing “how we work”, explaining what happens once an order gets there and material is being built to ship out – nothing really detailed ,but customers do ask about
    “why” material is not sitting on the shelf, has to be put together. Some of them understand the
    concept, but many don’t. And one other thing, the website has not been real user friendly so
    far as looking up shipping status of orders entered – there should be a way that a distributor can go on line with a p.o. number to look up shipping status, and if the order is multiple items, it
    needs to indicate if it shipped complete, or if there are open items, est. ship date for those.

    Just an added note – your inside sales is GREAT – very helpful, informative, and quick to respond if they don’t have an immediate answer –


    • Mark Sweeney
      Mark Sweeney says:

      Great ideas Cathey. Thanks so much for the input – and we’ll pass on your kind words to the ladies in customer service. They do a great job for us but hearing it from our customers is like icing on the cake.

  4. Mark Ipsan
    Mark Ipsan says:

    Product demos in that you suggest a Remke product and give applications that would best be suited for that Remke item. Cause and affect type thing. Good luck.

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