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Hot off the digital press…………with easy access next to the Remke logo on every page of our website…….the digital version of our new master catalog.  Finding Remke products just got a whole lot easier!

The Remke digital catalog allows you to browse, search, navigate, and share all of our product offerings in an interactive fashion.  On every page of next to our logo is a small picture of an open catalog along with the words Digital Catalog.  Click on that image and you’ll open up the entire Master Catalog 70 – the exact same information as in the printed version except online where you can:

  • Discuss with a colleague.  Click the image of a man & woman on the top of the catalog page. You’ll be prompted to type your email address and your friend’s email address and to add a personal comment.
  • Zoom in on products that you find interesting.
  • Create your own personal ‘look-book’ of Remke products when you paste Sticky Notes to a page and identify your Favorites
  • Have 24-hour accessibility – use our catalog at your own convenience.
  • Keyword Search with results showing the page number, a picture of what the page looks like and a direct link to the page desired
  • Link directly to more detailed information including pricing and online ordering

No waiting for delivery of a printed catalog.  Easy to navigate.  We think you might be surprised at what all you can do with our Digital Master Catalog.   Please check it out on today!

Please tell us what you think of our digital catalog on the Remke website – and LIKE or SHARE this blog. And as always, thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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