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Sudden Downtime Can Be Costly, Remke Can Help

Industry experts estimate that downtime can cost a manufacturer as much as $1 million per hour in lost revenue.  WOW!

ASSEMBLY magazine recently published a case study about a custom electrical connector that Remke developed for a Ford Motor Company assembly line in Canada.  This plant often experienced downtime when the 1,000 amp power cable – hardwired to welding robots – shorted out and this occurred whenever the cable’s electrical connector broke causing sparks to pierce the power cable.  The connector broke due to wear & tear from the robot arm’s constant extreme rotation.  The assembly line often was down as long as 24 hours.

After experiencing this shutdown several times, Ford met with Progressive Tool (designer of the assembly line & responsible for its performance) and Remke as the supplier of the cord connector & strain relief mesh grip in use.  All parties agreed that a custom electrical connector with more pull-out protection was needed.  The connector would need to provide better flexibility & durability while protecting the cable from welding sparks.

Remke Custom Solutions Save Time & Money

Remke designed, tested and modified several prototype connectors over a 2-month period.  Once the prototype was approved Remke developed the tooling for a two-part molding press.  Part 1 created the tapered cone in a rubber press.  Part 2 molded this rubber cone to a metal sleeve that housed the threaded opening.  This overmold provided greater protection from cable pullout and abrasion in the harsh welding environment.

The initial custom connector Remke designed was Tuff-Flex………now a standard product in our line.  But to address some persistent pulsating power through the cable, Remke engineers went back to work and created the Swivel Flex connector.  Swivel Flex incorporates some axial movement to prevent wear & tear during repetitive movement of the welding robot’s arm.  Swivel Flex is also now a standard product in our line.

Remke Can Help Solve Your Custom Connector Issues

Is repetitive movement a problem in your plant – or in your customers’ facility?  Ask us about either the Tuff-Flex or Swivel Flex connector and solve that problem fast! And as always, thanks for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED. 

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