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Most of us have heard or read about the talent gap in manufacturing. 

Hiring in manufacturing might also be impacted by  a public perception that stems from the outdated concept of what manufacturing ‘looks like’……a dirty workplace that’s not technologically advanced.  And there might be a certain ‘lack of trust’ because of how quickly manufacturing jobs left the U.S. (and still are).  So what is the future of hiring in the manufacturing industry?  Especially for the Next-Gen?

Hiring companies like Kelly Services – Americas Product Group & the Commercial Product Group believe that a proactive approach is the answer.  They believe that a new labor force requires new techniques such as:

  • Look at job qualifications differently
    • Don’t just focus on past experiences – take time to investigate their skills inventory
    • What is their ability for self improvement…….and is your company an employer who will offer training & credentialing opportunities
    • Realize technical employees are those who are eager for better work & more possibilities….these people want to advance now that they know their skills are in need
  • Portray manufacturing as a team environment
    • Brand your manufacturing company as a place to “solve problems, tackle technical challenges and improve skills”….. not as a place that produces hundreds of identical products every day
    • Position the daily work as a complex problem to be solved by a team rather than the simplistic view of churning out widgets
    • Whether the person is a production worker or in a technical position they want to be part of a team and want to take pride in seeing their team be successful – just like team sports
  • Work collaboratively with local community college, tech schools & high schools
    • Community colleges & tech schools welcome the input from local industry so they know they’re teaching applicable skills.  But without that industry insight a school might have an outdated program
    • Younger Americans (high school & below) are great targets for education.  Here’s one idea – create a program where students try to build a product and then let them see how it’s actually made on the plant floor so that they start to understand the problem-solving side of the business and break down their preconceptions.

Is hiring employees from the Next-Gen of concern to your company?  What will you do to attract & keep them?  Please share your thoughts & LIKE this blog.  And as always – thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.