Find a Cable Connector from Remke Industries

Shop for Remke Connectors with a Quick Browse Through Photos

“I’ll know what I need when I see it” is a common way to find what you want.

After all, browsing store shelves is much easier than looking at a list of product names and details.

So Remke has made it so you can do just that!

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Some of the latest additions to Resources & Insights section are visual guides to Finding the Right Remke Connectors, including Cord Grips, Molded Cordsets and Wire Mesh Grips for any application. Since so many of us would rather look at pictures than read words, we’ve made it easy to shop that way too!

Find a Cord Grip or Cable Connector

Find Remke Connectors and Cord Grips with this photo guide

With so many different variations for cord grips and heavy-duty cable connectors, just looking at them can make it instantly clear which one you need for the job. Who has time for all that industry jargon anyways?

Quickly browse a table of connector photos and click on the one you need.

Our selection includes aluminum stainless steel, liquidtight, straight, 90-degree, cable glands, MC Connectors, multiple-hole bushings and more.

Find a Molded Cordset or Connector

Find a Remke Connector - Molded Connectors, M12, M8 and More

M12, M8 Pico Connectors and other types of molded connectors and cordsets are easy to shop for with Remke.

Whether you need rubber, silicone or other materials, receptacles or wire management accessories, we have you covered. Easily browse our selection and click on the connector you need for easy ordering.

Find a Wire Mesh Support Grip

Find a Remke Connector - Wire Mesh Grips and Cable Support Grips

Wire mesh grips help support cables in vertical runs, and in applications with flexing or bending.

Remke’s line features heavy- and light-duty grips for industrial, utility, commercial and residential applications. Browse the photos and easily pick the right one for your next job.

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