Electrical connectors for submerged and corrosive applications

Custom Valox Dome Cap Connectors Keep The Pool Lights On

Pool & spa pump manufacturers understand that pool owners want to use their pools as much as possible during the short summer season.

This means kids, families & friends lounging around the pool or playing in the water throughout the day and into the night. But wait.

What if the underwater lights don’t work for those night time swims?

That was a very real problem facing a pool & spa pump manufacturer.  They tried numerous types of cord grips to use with their underwater lights for in-ground pools.

Common Submerged Cord Grip Issues:

  • Standard aluminum cord grips were too large & corroded easily
  • Plastic & nylon grips morphed causing the connector to expand & contract
  • Stainless steel cable glands were too expensive
  • Nickel-plated cord grips didn’t provide superior corrosion resistance.

None of the cord grips tested could withstand the long-term effects of being submerged in water containing corrosives like chlorine.  And, none of the suppliers they talked with could offer an answer to the problem.

The Remke Engineered Solutions Team Develops a Solution That Shines

This manufacturer turned to the Remke Engineered Solutions Team who determined that Modification Level 2/An Adapted Application Solution would best serve the customer’s specific requirements.

The Remke team created a special version of our Dome Cap connector in Valox® – a non hydroscopic material that won’t absorb moisture. Using Valox would ensure that neither the pool water or chemicals would encroach into the connector.

The Engineered Solutions Team also used a smaller-size cord grip to accommodate both their larger & smaller pool lights. In addition, the team designed special bulk packaging for easier storage in inventory.

The Valox Dome Cap connector worked so well that the manufacturer changed their bill of materials to standardize on this Engineered Solution for all models of their underwater lights for in-ground pools.submerged corrosive product

If you have a problem that nobody can seem to solve, contact the Remke Engineered Solutions Team today.  We’ll do everything in our power to end your frustration.

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