Eliminate hand wiring with customized connectors from Remke

Hand Wiring vs. Quick-Disconnect Molded Cordsets

Maybe there are some applications where using hand-wired connectors solve the problem.  But this situation is not one of them!

A manufacturer of flow measurement & control products was using a hand-wired connector with its pressure transducer on outdoor meters.  But it created big problems – excessive noise interfering with signal integrity to the control system.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there was all the time spent hand-wiring the connector and that this method was neither waterproof or tamper-resistant.  Not good for any gas meter applications!

Remke’s Engineered Solutions Team Created a New Molded Connector Assembly to Solve the Problems

The Remke solution offered IP 68 and NEMA 6P protection plus a 360° aluminum mylar foil shield to minimize electrical interference plus was tamper-resistant.  And we threw in some mechanical protection to the housing of the pressure transducer for good measure!

The customers response?

The Remke solution will “more than adequately solve the previous connection deficiencies and provide additional benefits as well.”


We couldn’t have said it better!!

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