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“If you can’t do the job right, don’t do it at all.”

Barbara Spadaro

Position:  Electronics Data Specialist (CDI)

Location:  Stratford, Connecticut

With the company: 44 years

Personal:  Husband, David, one adult son, Michael, a dog, Cannoli, and sometime canine mom to the local volunteer firehouse dog, Pierce. (In addition to his full-time job, Michael is a volunteer firefighter in Derby.)

Outside of NSI:  She walks daily, enjoys “Sister-Birthday-Breakfast” every couple of months with her three sisters and likes to cook and bake, making people happy with food.

Mantra: “If you can’t do the job right, don’t do it at all.”

Barbara’s Slovak Catholic parents raised their four daughters to have integrity, to be kind and to work hard, and that has translated to the workplace. “Growing up, my father would say, ‘If you can’t do the job right, don’t do it at all,’” she says. And that guiding principle exemplifies one of NSI’s core values: Commitment. 

After graduating from high school, Barbara went to computer school, where Bridgeport Fittings hired her, and she advanced through the years. Now she monitors electronics data orders, ensuring that everything flows properly, and resolves communications issues. She has been with NSI since they acquired Bridgeport Fittings three years ago. “It doesn’t matter where you started; we all work together. I would say NSI’s ‘One Team, One Goal’ is really what the company works toward,” she says.

During the acquisition transition, NSI folks would reach out to Barbara for assistance. Her coworkers know they can always count on her. “They looked to me for guidance, and I was so humbled by that.” Barbara works closely with many people and has developed good relationships with them, like Dwaine Kammerzell. When he would travel into town from Atlanta, she and her husband would invite him over for dinner.

For three years, Stratford employees worked remotely due to COVID, but they remained just a screen or phone call apart. “We didn’t miss a beat,” she says. “They’ve really taken the time to try to make everybody feel welcome as we come back together.”

Barbara is committed to NSI and being a reliable member of the team. She is grateful NSI is also committed to her.