It’s Warrior Time—electrical tape for industry professionals, with leading adhesion, breaking strength and elasticity.

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At NSI, we put over 45 years of experience in the electrical industry into WarriorWrap, electrical tape strong enough to outperform the competition. For insulating, splicing or marking cables and wires, choose WarriorWrap, available in 11 colors and 4 grades of quality.

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Choose the right tape for the job: WarriorWrap general purpose and special-use tapes come in a wide range of colors and grades. Download our product brochure to see how WarriorWrap outperforms the competition.

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When you need reliable tape, with leading breaking strength, elasticity, adhesion, color options and temperature performance, WarriorWrap rises to the challenge. Download our product sheet for an overview of our line.

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The WarriorWrap line covers all the essential grades of vinyl electrical tape that an installer needs on their job. Download the cross reference sheet to explore how WarriorWrap carries a wider range of solutions than the competition.

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We carry 11 different colors and 4 different grades of standard electrical tape, in addition to a full range of specialty tapes for more specific applications.

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