Since 1925, Bridgeport has led the industry with US-made fittings, built from our principles of innovation, quality, outstanding service and rapid delivery, a tradition we maintain as part of the NSI brand family.

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We offer a full range of fittings for all conduit and cable systems, for applications ranging from traditional residential, commercial and industrial systems to rooftop and farm solar, prefab and exposed location. We design every product to guarantee trouble-free installation that keeps contractors satisfied. Our fittings cover everything your customers need, from line to load. Look for Bridgeport Orange from NSI today.

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Bridgeport is your complete solution for electrical installations, taking you from line to load. We carry every fitting needed to complete your project, including straps, couplings, quick-install snap-in fittings, adjustable transition connectors, prefab, feeder connections and much more!

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Transition Fittings

Bridgeport remains an innovator, building on our long tradition of industry-defining solutions with a range of transition fittings to help simplify your install. Get the job done ahead of schedule and under budget using innovative connectors such as our Push-liquidtight-to-threaded-Rigid/IMC fitting, the first of its kind on the market.

Transition Fittings

Solar Products

The renewable energy market is only accelerating, and distributors who want to stay ahead need a supplier partner prepared for the future. Solar installation is a specialty of ours. Learn about our full range of liquidtight and raintight products for line-to-load coverage, several of which were designed specially for the solar industry.

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Prefab Products

Bridgeport prefab products make MC cable installations faster and more profitable, reducing material waste eliminating the need for on-the-site rework. Our offering covers key applications with snap-in connectors for AC/MC/FMC, zinc and malleable iron fittings for Rigid/IMC, EMT fittings, grounding products, transition fittings and straps.

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RainTight Compression Connectors

Our products can conquer any environment, like our raintight compression connectors which are ideal for wet/exposed locations like solar boxes and inverters. Bridgeport has the solutions you need, ranging from EMT connectors with extra-long threads to create a better raintight seal to compression connectors in a variety of popular styles.

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