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Engineered Protection for Sensitive Connections in a Harsh Environment

An off-shore oil drilling platform was having problems with miswiring, condensation, corrosion and electrical shorts. They were facing downtime and increased costs because of it.

Turning to Remke to solve their problems, the Engineered Solutions team went to work developing a distribution box that would flawlessly handle the environmental demands and space considerations.

The result is lower maintenance costs and vastly improved up-time.

The Oil-Rig Challenge

The electrical wiring of various equipment on the oil platform was using enclosures and terminal blocks.

Pumps, motors and other equipment was hardwired and causing problems such as:

  • Miswiring of terminal strips because they were difficult to identify and label.
  • Condensation build-up from the extreme conditions of the ocean, including salt water, rain and wind.
  • Electrical shorts from terminal to terminal because sealing glands were improperly installed, causing condensation within.

These problems caused downtime for troubleshooting, and it was happening too often. Workers needed to regularly repair corroded terminal strips, replace gaskets on enclosures and rewire equipment.

Electrical Distribution Box for Oil Platform - Remke Blog

The Remke Engineered Solution

To meet the unique set of environmental conditions on the ocean, the Remke team:

  • Redesigned the internal footprint of an 8-outlet Mini-Port Distribution Box to accommodate various pre-wired circuits.
  • Changed the material of construction to a polyester resin for improved corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Redesigned the distribution box with stainless steel legend plates for clear circuit identification.
  • Completely sealed the distribution box internally to not only eliminate air gaps but also prevent condensation inside.

The Distribution Box Result

The new distribution boxes allowed the oil platform workers to quickly replace modules, without spending hours to rewire and repair individual hardwired connections.

Downtime was virtually eliminated, as was the money needed for troubleshooting time and repairs.

The boxes also provided:

  • Fool-proof circuit identification
  • An enclosure that was completely sealed against corrosives and moisture
  • A smaller footprint, which although was not required, was much appreciated due to space constraints of working on a platform.

Learn how the Remke Engineered Solutions Program can manufacture connectors that meet your most demanding specs.