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Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh are NOT All Made Alike

Remke Deluxe Cord Grips with MeshThe utilitarian deluxe cord grip with mesh may not get a lot of attention, but it is without a doubt one of the most in-demand electrical connector types.  Used mainly in industrial applications where corrosive chemicals or frequent washdowns necessitate the added durability of stainless steel mesh.

Where’s All the Stainless Steel for Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh

The global pandemic seriously impacted the supply of stainless steel needed to produce wire mesh products.  Supply chain issues, shutdowns and production delays in overseas markets have caused large electrical connector manufacturers such as Hubbell, T&B and Eaton to experience delays in shipments.  This means that what little international stainless steel supplies that are out there are scarce for manufacturers who have shifted their deluxe cord grips with mesh production overseas.

Why wait for your deluxe cord grips with mesh to be delivered from hina?In addition to delivery delays, there is also the quality issue that non-US made deluxe cord grips experience.  It’s mostly Chinese companies that produce these deluxe cord grips with mesh for the companies that contract out their production of electrical connectors, and the level of Quality Control doesn’t seem to have the same quality scrutiny that US based manufacturing has.  Not to say that there aren’t good parts coming out of China, just that being able to control the quality is easier when electrical connectors are made in the US with direct company supervision of all production.

Why Made in USA Matters for Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh

As mentioned above, clearly quality is the largest issue, but there are several other considerations to consider when selecting a deluxe strain relief cord grip.

These include:

Is the product Made in USA?

Do they provide live Factory Customer Support Staff to speak with?

Do they offer a Stock Status of Standard Products?

Are they able to supply concrete Lead Times on Standard Products?

Are they Willing to Break Box Quantities?

Are there Minimum Order Quantities?

Do they have a clear and understandable Return Policy?

Do they offer Local Customer Support?

Is Customization Available?

Can they provide you with ISO Certification documentation?

Are Project Quotations Available?

Do they Offer Private Labeling or Kitting?

When you add up the hassles vs cost…

When considering your deluxe cord grips with mesh purchase cost is always going to be a factor.  But the real cost is on the job, when a connector fails while installing or fails long terms because of poor quality or low grade materials.  Then the cost difference starts to look much smaller.  Lost time, frustrating situations and worse off, collateral damage from outages such as lines being shut down or work stopped.  All because of a lowly commodity item such as a cord grip.  It happens more than most would like to admit.

So when considering your purchase, either at the end user level or at the distributor level, you need to ask yourself if the “value” alternative is really the best way to go.  If you want foolproof quality and a customer service team that is located footsteps from where the product is made (not half a planet away), then you’re going to choose Remke stainless steel superior deluxe cord grips with mesh.  Since 1963, Remke has been producing cord grips and electrical connectors at its plants outside Chicago, IL to the exacting standards their founder, John Remke, set down over a half a century ago.

Who makes your deluxe cord grips matters.

Remke is Made in USA by AmericansIt’s not just a matter of quality stainless steel materials, on-time consistent deliveries or relentless pursuit of quality excellence that sets Remke apart, it is also their dedication to keeping their operations as Made in USA as possible.  Making a commitment to stay in the USA with their production, makes a statement about how much Remke is willing to invest in its employees and products.  Keeping jobs at home keeps America competitive.  It also increases our trade superiority with other countries an effects lower tariffs as more non-US companies recognize the benefits of US manufactured goods.

Remke prides itself on investing in our community as well as encouraging job programs that help High School students pursue careers in industrial arts.  Remke has made the commitment to quality and it shows in the products.  This is why Remke has been rated “World Class” by its customers.

Watch the video below to see how Remke’s customers feel about doing business with Remke.

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