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A Guide To Cord Grips For Harsh Applications

Cord grips today offer a myriad of customization options, ranging from threading, grip, shape, wire mesh multiple hole bushings and more. But the material of the actual cord grip itself is one of the most important aspects to creating more reliable connections in the long-run.

“One of the very first things you should consider when selecting the right cord grip for a harsh environment is the material, as they aren’t all created equal.”

When it comes to achieving dependable seals in harsh industrial applications, three materials stand apart from the rest: Stainless Steel, Valox™ and Nickel-Plated Aluminum.

While standard aluminum, steel and nylon work just fine for dry, indoor locations, when you need something more, you have options.

Cord Grips Material Guide for Wet, Hot, Cold and Chemical Environments - Remke Blog

Top Cord Grip Materials for Harsh Environments

Stainless Steel

Offering exceptional tensile strength and the highest levels of durability in severely corrosive environments, Stainless Steel Cord Grips are ideal for many types of harsh applications. It is a durable, low-maintenance material that withstands exposure to acids, chemicals  and chlorine-bearing agents, making it ideal for marine and food processing environments.


This non-metallic cord grip material is non-hydroscopic, which means it won’t absorb moisture and meets many FDA and specifications for food contact, as well as medical uses. It is impact-resistant, chemical-resistant and can withstand high heat.

Nickel-Plated Aluminum

The non-toxic nature of nickel-plated aluminum makes it especially suitable for all types of food-handling equipment. It provides rugged corrosion and wear resistance, as well as corrosion from many alkalis and weak acids.

Infographic Guide to Cord Grips for Harsh Applications

Also included in the new eBooks is our infographic guide to selecting the right cord grips for harsh applications. This easy-to-use guide makes purchasing decisions easier and improves the reliability of your connections.

Infographic guide to cord grip selection in harsh applications - Remke Blog