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Elevate you HVAC game with Dyna Tite Strut Kits

Everything needed to suspend air handlers and equipment in attics, garages, ceilings, and basements.

Duro Dyne’s Dyna-Tite strut kit is the effortless, time-saving solution for your HVAC equipment. Lightweight and easy to carry, Dyna-Tite takes a fraction of the time to install compared to other systems. Made from high quality metals and tensile wire rope, it’s the versatile solution for your HVAC job.

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Features & Benefits


  • Pre-cut strut with safety endcaps, therefore, no cutting required.
  • Supports up to 600 lbs.
  • Can accommodate units up to 32” in width.
  • Dyna-Tite cables and locks allow for easy leveling of equipment.
  • Vibration padding to reduce equipment noise level.
  • Different anchor and cable options are available, including:
  • Dual hangers with threaded studs
  • Eyelet cables and wood screws (allowing for flexibility in hanging options and angles)


  • Save installation time
  • Easy adjustment
  • Reduces inventory
  • Job costing made easy

Product Categories


Maximize performance and reliability with our innovative HVAC strut solutions.  It supports, suspends, and mounts metal structures, forming a key part of a metal framing system that requires no welding, drilling, or specialized tools.

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Strut Locks

Strut locks offer a streamlined way to hang rectangular ductwork, cable trays, and unit heaters, ensuring a stable and secure installation every time. They make installation and maintenance more efficient and flexible.

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End Fixing

An end fixing for wire-supported ducts is a method used to secure the ends of flexible ducts that are suspended by wires. This type of end fixing ensures that the ducts remain properly aligned and securely attached, preventing sagging and movement. 

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HVAC hanging wires are used to suspend ductwork, pipes, or other components from the ceiling or other overhead structures. These wires provide support and ensure proper alignment and stability of the suspended items.

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