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Old school isn’t cool anymore.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or engineering company, having “boots on the ground” doesn’t necessarily translate to sales generation and profitability. Increasing your sales department without first taking a deep dive into current marketing trends isn’t going to impact your bottom line. So, what gives? Welcome to the age of digital marketing.

Today’s industrial buyers and engineers don’t respond to cold calls and schmoozy emails – they are more of a deterrence than motivator. It’s better to interact with current and potential customers in the virtual sales space where those invisible buyers can be reached in a more organic, consumer-driven way.

Digital marketing is a thing – and here are some compelling statistics from a research study done by Engineering 360 that support this claim.

  • 48% of industrial professionals spend at least six hours per week online for work-related purposes.
  • 42% visit more than ten work-related websites each week.
  • The primary uses of the Internet for technical professionals are to find components, equipment, services and suppliers (74%), obtain product specifications (73%), compare products across suppliers (69%), find pricing information (68%), and perform research (66%).
  • Your product or service should be placed where engineers and industrial buyers are actively searching for answers to their problems. This is done through the development of a strong digital marketing strategy.

We recently reviewed an article that describes the benefits of digital marketing for manufacturing companies, and we think some of the main points are worth repeating!

Digital marketing in the industrial and manufacturing sectors -

A Strong Digital Marketing Plan Will Help Manufacturing Companies:

Build brand awareness

Manufacturers (like you!) can leverage digital marketing to grow brand awareness by building out your website to rank well for important terms within your industry. This can help introduce people to your company organically using common search terms, rather than in-your-face emails and phone calls. Strong, active social media pages can also help people get to know your company, increasing audience engagement and natural interest.

Improve customer loyalty

Customers today expect virtual engagement and anticipate a relationship with key manufacturers. In other words, if your product or company isn’t online, in the eyes of potential customers, that’s a bit sketchy. Digital marketing presents companies with the perfect opportunity to engage with prospects and build strong relationships with current customers – anywhere, anytime.

Become an industry thought leader

Digital marketing provides you with a platform to showcase your understanding and expertise in the manufacturing sector. Customers use the internet to find answers to their problems, and the brands that consistently provide them with the information they need lay the foundation for a strong relationship.

Nurture leads

Through digital marketing, you can take advantage of marketing automation and analytics. When customers visit your website, you can track their behavior on the site, what resources they download, how long they stayed, and what pages are the most trafficked. If a potential customer converts to a sales lead, you can nurture this prospect through the rest of the sales cycle with marketing automation.

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