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A recent article in Electrical Wholesaling started with this sentence “Why your company should be using social media, even if you think it’s stupid, and other digital marketing matters.”

I know some people in sales positions who think about social media in just those words – and maybe you do too.  So I decided to continue reading the article and found a lot of interesting information that I want to share with you (and some of which surprised me).

  • The electrical industry’s embrace of electronic communication & social media has trailed only a short distance behind other markets.
    • One reason?  This is how people want to learn about new products.  Another reason?  Technology has become good enough that refusing to use it puts your company at a competitive disadvantage
    • “The industry has embraced websites, its use of e-commerce is improving, there’s growing interest in mobile apps for customers & while there’s still some skepticism about social media that too is beginning to show its value”
  • Digital media can be very powerful in selling electrical products
    • The power comes from flexibility and the ability to draw in data from other sources & feed it into the company’s system where over time all the data serves to make planning, operations, marketing and supply chain coordination better & faster.
    • With tablets a salesperson can share a brochure or spec sheet, video or line card while out in the field, standing in line or sitting at a table.  And they can pass it along to the customer or prospect right then & there.
  • Video has turned out to be one of the most powerful low-cost ways of influencing buyers that the industry has seen in a long time
    • People want to see the product in action and the industry has learned that product application videos don’t have to be the highest production quality
    • You can do great videos with the new iPhone or iPad or DSLR cameras.
  • You can’t ignore going social
    • Some say why should I put any time into that?  Where’s the return on investment or on your time?
    • But if you ignore social media you’re doing yourself a disservice.  If you aren’t participating in social media others are.  How will you know what people are saying about your company if you’re not on it and monitoring it?
    • So which should you do?  According to people that Electrical Wholesaling asked – all of them because each of the social media services appeals to a different cross-section of your customers, prospects and stakeholders.
    • It takes less time than you think – about an hour per day

I think we might have some fine-tuning to do on our digital marketing & social media program here at Remke.  How about you?