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Industrial-Strength Ethernet Connectors for Data Centers Provide Flexibility and Reliability. 

When choosing RJ45 ethernet connectors for a data center, you want reliability, affordability, and ease of use. Find all that and more with the new line of RJ45 Ethernet connectors from Remke!

There’s no one-size-fits-all cabling infrastructure in a data center, but one thing will help ensure flexibility and reliability — the right RJ45 ethernet connectors from Remke — and installation has never been easier!

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Install RJ45 Ethernet Connectors in 60 Seconds — No Special Tools Required!

No special tools are required to assemble an RJ45 ethernet connectors and installation can be done in under a minute using a contact pressure plier wrench or a parallel pressing tool.

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No Special Tools 2

Just insert the cable, line up the insulation piercing contacts, clip the wire ends, and the connector is ready to transmit.

Exert even pressure across the wire manager to ensure the contacts go through the plastic sleeve on the wire and make positive contact with the wire and the terminal contact in the wire manager.

When you need to extend your network, repair an ethernet cable link or quickly connect a peripheral device without a cable assembly on hand, Remke’s new ethernet connectors have you covered!

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Get Strain Relief and Environmental Protection from Your Ethernet Connectors.

The best solutions for data centers should take into consideration the layout, scope, bandwidth needs, scalability, manageability, and budget of a specific facility.

If those requirements include strain relief and environmental protection, the new Remke RJ45 ethernet connectors are the solution!

Remke’s new ethernet connector with Modular Plug and Compression Nut provides greater strain relief, and field wiring capability. The compression nut ensure that cables stay connected securely, even when bent or flexed.

RJ45 Ethernet Connector with Compression Nut for Cable Strain Relief - Remke Blog

All of the new ethernet connectors for data centers are NEMA and IP Rated for protection in harsh environments. Their zinc die-cast housing has 360-degree shielding for protection from outside electronic interference.

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Why Should Data Centers Use Remke’s RJ45 Ethernet Connectors?

Remke’s RJ45 Ethernet connector used in conjunction with your cabling will help ensure that you’re getting fast data transmission and the highest return on investment — now and in the future.

Because with data centers, it’s all about speed, and Cat 8 cabling with RJ45 connections can support 10 Gbps, with the potential for a seamless migration for 25 or 40 Gbps in the future. This prevents the need to re-cable during upgrades, which helps avoid possible network disruption, loss of productivity, and additional costs.

Benefits of RJ45 Ethernet Connectors from Remke:

  • Compatible with Cat.6A and Cat.5 ethernet cable
  • Capable of handling both 2 and 4-pair wiring
  • Long release latch makes insertion and withdrawal easy in tight spaces
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Unique cable entry for cables with OD of up to 10mm
  • Zinc die-cast housing with hardened and tempered finish prevents outside electrical interference
  • Compact design for use where space is at a premium

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