Example of adapted solutions for cord grips and cable connectors.

Engineered Solutions for Customized Electrical Connectors

Level 2: Adapted Application Solutions for Cable Connectors and Cord Grips

When a slight modification to a stock electrical connector isn’t enough, rely on Remke for a customized connector that performs exactly the way you need.

As part of Remke’s Engineered Solutions program, your customized electrical connectors can have:

  • Customized materials
  • Modified threading
  • Custom wiring or cable
  • Plating
  • Private labeling or packing
  • And more

It’s the ‘Have It Your Way’ of cable connectors, cord grips, wire mesh grips and more.

Customizing stock electrical connectors is an affordable way to create efficiency and ease-of-use in applications.

Custom Electrical Connectors Manufactured by Remke - Level 2 Engineered Solutions for Adapting Electrical Applications

Examples of Level 2 modifications of electrical connectors:

  • Over-braiding of cable
  • Different materials
  • Special hardware
  • Unique wiring and non-standard cables
  • Adding O-rings or other components
  • Specially-plated ferrules
  • Customized packaging

Recent Level 2 Flexible Solutions Projects

Submerged & Corrosive Resistant Customized Electrical Connectors

A non-metallic connector that doesn’t absorb moisture was needed by a pool & spa pump company for underwater lighting. They had tried aluminum, plastic and nylon without success, and ruled out nickel-plating and stainless steel for the high cost. Nothing they tried would withstand the chlorine and corrosion from the chemically-treated water.

Electrical connectors for submerged and corrosive applications

Remke created a special dome-cap, non-metallic connector made of Valox©, a non-hydroscopic material that does not absorb moisture. Neither the pool water nor chemicals could permeate the new connectors.

Outdoor Weatherproof Connectors

UV-Resistant and corrosion-free connectors were needed for a Wi-Fi routing system that was being installed on light poles and other outdoor structures. The power source, an existing photocell, required a unique connector, with outdoor-certified cables.

Remke developed a molded connector that was chosen over other large manufacturers’ options.

custom connectors for outdoor use are UV resistantThe molded, mini-connector with 3 pins was made of black rubber with a UV resistant black-type SOO-W cable and mating receptacle. This type of cable is UL Listed and CSA Certified for outdoor use with excellent resistance to ozone, weather, sunlight and water.

Heavy-Duty Sealing Corrosion-Resistant Connectors

A large auto manufacturer needed a custom connector for their new electric-powered truck. Light-weight, yet heavy-duty connectors were needed to protect the vehicle’s circuitry from road abrasion and the harsh climate. They connect the battery pack to the drive train, and the drive train to the computer module. A version was also needed to terminate the mechanical stainless steel shielding to eliminate cable damage.

heavy-duty custom electrical connectors for electric vehiclesRemke designed an aluminum connector with nickel-plating for a light-weight, corrosion-resistant product that met the exact needs of the customer. It also featured an o-ring to provide a watertight seal, a nickel-plated ferrule to protect the over braided cable and a stainless steel clamp to hold the cable and ensure an environmental seal.

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