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Affordable Custom Electrical Connectors, Fast!

2 common misconceptions about custom electrical connectors:

– They are much more expensive
– Take more time to manufacture

These simply are not true. 

Changing some basic specifications on your industrial electrical connectors, you can improve performance significantly, for typically just a few cents more!

At Remke, you can start with a stock product, make a couple modifications and get them delivered fast – small and large production runs included.

Customized Connectors for Environmental Issues

Customization of electrical connectors can make all the difference when connectors are fighting corrosion, combating chemicals, extreme temperatures or need to withstand bending and flexing.

A few minor modifications can drastically improve corrosion-resistance and strain relief, reduce particulate, make a connector completely submersible.

Many Levels of Customization

A simple modification to a stock product can include changing out a bushing material, using a different length cable or adding an extra hole to a multiple hole bushing.

Adaptations of a stock product can include changes in materials, wiring, threading and plating. You can also change packaging and kitting to get exactly what you need.

Design and engineering of a completely custom connector where the sky’s the limit! A custom manufactured connector typically involves a proprietary function and usually involves tooling. The Engineer Team at Remke can design and manufacture a custom connector quickly and affordably.


Specifications to Modify for Improved Performance

Connector Material can be modified to deal with harsh elements. Nylon, Valox, Silicone and 316 Stainless Steel help seal out the elements for improved performance and reliability over time.

Connector Components and Design can be customized with o-rings that withstand elements, lock-nuts for easier tightening, wire mesh grips for strain relief and multiple-hole bushings to simplify terminations.

Cable Lengths and Materials can be specified to address bending and flexing concerns, and materials modified to beat environmental issues.

Overmold Materials can be changed to provide additional strain relief for severe bending and flexing of connections.

Distribution Boxes are highly configurable to address space restrictions and combat environmental stress.

Custom Electrical Distribution Boxes - Remke Blog

Distribution boxes can be customized too!

If you could change one thing about your go-to connectors, what would it be?

Leave a comment here and we’ll make a suggestion or two about small modifications that could lead to big returns!



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