Custom Electrical Connectors by Remke Engineered Solutions Manufacturing Team - Level 3 Custom Manufactured Cable Connectors

Engineered Solutions for Custom Electrical Connectors

Level 3: Custom Cable Connectors and Cord Grip Manufacturing

When your specifications for electrical connectors call for engineered components and custom tooling, Remke has you covered.

Our team of experts can manufacture the exact connector you need, even in small production runs.

Essentially, a new, proprietary product is created for you, to meet your unique requirements and deliver all types of connectors that perform exactly the way you want.

Custom cable connectors and cord grips manufacturing by Remke - Level 3 Engineered Solutions

Flexible Solutions Level 3 Customization can include these types of specifications or anything you need.

  • Special materials, such as epoxy potting compound instead of overmolding
  • Teflon wires instead of 16 or 18 AWG cable
  • Unique thread patterns
  • Internal footprint redesigns
  • Special environmental requirements
  • Different materials for wire mesh grips
  • Any specifications you have

Since these types of products are not readily available in the market, we start the process by helping you define exactly what you need, and we take it from there.

Examples of Level 3 Custom Electrical Components

Submerged Metal Cord Connectors for Abusive Applications

submerged electrical connectorsA transmission case leakage problem was occurring in an all-terrain vehicle that the manufacturer could not stop with standard compression metal cord connectors. The seals weren’t holding with the lubricity of the transmission fluid.

Remke manufactured a new type of 6-pole mini-link connector that wouldn’t leak. The unique design features a pass-thru electrical connector with potted wires at both ends, an epoxy potting compound and Teflon wires.

Custom Distribution Boxes for Wet & Corrosive Applications

wet & corrosive custom distribution boxesThe enclosures and terminal boxes used by a gas and oil exploration and production company on their off-shore oil rig were causing problems. Since they used these connections for many types of motors, pumps and other equipment, the problems caused significant down-time for trouble-shooting and repairs.

To overcome the environmental problems associated with working on the ocean, Remke’s custom solutions included redesigning the internal footprint, changing to a polyester resin material to resist corrosion, included stainless steel legend plates and completely sealed the box to prevent water ingress.

Shielded Outdoor Meter Applications

custom outdoor electrical connectorsA hand-wired connector used with a pressure transducer in an outdoor pipeline was experiencing excessive noise, and was not waterproof or tamper-proof. In addition to the time it took to hand-wire the electrical connector was excessive and reliability was a concern.

Remke developed a new, shielded connector that was tamper resistant and had protection for the pressure transducer.

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