Custom Electrical Connectors by Remke Engineered Solutions Manufacturing Team - Level 1 Modified Stock Cable Connectors

Engineered Solutions for Modified Electrical Connectors

Level 1: Modify a Stock Cable Connector or Cord Grip

Sometimes you need a cord connector, cord grip or molded connector that’s not already sitting on a shelf in a warehouse.

Your specifications call for something different to make your project more efficient.

Instead of trying to re-engineer your system to work with a stock connector, you CAN get exactly what you need from Remke.

We specialize in manufacturing custom electrical connectors, even in small production runs!

To deliver exactly what you need, we’ve created 3 different levels of customization in our Flexible Solutions product line. This blog post outlines Level 1.

Custom Electrical Connectors Level 1 Engineered Solutions for Cord Grips and Cable Connectors by Remke

Level 1 Engineered Solutions – Modified Stock Products

Our first type of custom electrical connector involves making minor changes to a connector that we already have in stock. 

Cable glands, wire mesh grips, molded connectors and all products can be modified to work exactly how you need them to.

Some common modifications of Flexible Solutions Level 1 include:

  • Cable length
  • Bushing material
  • Number of holes in a bushing
  • Wire mesh material
  • Locking nut material

A few examples of Level 1 Custom Connectors

Custom cord length cable connectors

Custom cable length for
cordsets that fit in smaller spaces


White cords on custom cable connectorsWhite cables that blend in
to the color of the room


Anodized cable connectors with siliconAnodized connectors with silicone
grommets for high-temperatures



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