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NEW! Custom, Multiple-Hole Bushings

Configure exactly the custom bushing you need, and we’ll manufacture and ship it fast!

Remke’s new catalog features a Custom Bushing Design Guide (type in Page 35) that makes it easy to get the exact bushing you need. 

Bushing Design Guide in New Remke Catalog - Remke Blog

Type in or search for Page 35 to go directly to the guide.

To Order a Custom Bushing and Connector Assembly

Step 1: Determine the bushing series needed by laying out multiple conductors in the circles, which represent each size. This process will also help you determine the conduit size.

You must have a printed catalog to do this correctly! We’ll ship you one free! Just click the button above.


Step 2: Determine the connector material that best suits your application and use this matrix chart to confirm that the bushing fits with the connector size and material.

Custom Bushing Size and Material Matrix for Custom Bushing Assembly - Remke Blog

Step 3: Build the Remke part number (or let us help you, just call our customer service team) and order.

To build the part number, substitute the prefix of the material of construction for the prefix in the bushing-only part number.

Material prefix:

RSR: Aluminum
RSRN: Nickel-plated aluminum
RSRS: Steel
RSSS: Stainless Steel
RSP: Nylon
RSPV: Valox


To change the part number for bushing SRB-104-2 to a complete assembly to fit into an aluminum cord connector, the custom part number would be RSR-104-2.

To fit a nylon connector, the same bushing part would be changed to RSP-104-2.


Why Use Multiple Hole Bushings?

It’s easier to terminate several loose cables and conductors into cord grips with one simple fitting.

  • Save equipment cost by terminating several connectors on a single box, with a single connector.
  • Save labor cost by punching only one hole and making a single connection.
  • Save space by utilizing only 1 knock-out, easily moving tools to connect it.

Learn more on our Infographic: Benefits of Multiple Hole Bushings >Multiple Hole Bushings Infographic - Remke Blog

Get your catalog today and get your custom bushing assemblies fast!