Reduce Repair and Troubleshooting Time with the Right Electrical Connectors - Remke Blog

Do You Spend Too Much Time on Repair & Troubleshooting?

How the Remke Custom Solutions Team saved a customer time & money when too much time was spent on repair and troubleshooting.
Cord grip add on components improve the performance of standard cord grips and cable connectors - Remke Blog

Cord Grip Add-Ons for Outstanding Connector Performance

An infographic with options to enhance a standard cord grip with add-ons. Strengthen, seal and protect cable connectors in many applications.
Stop Corrosion with Remke Liquidtight, Waterproof Connectors

Stop Corrosion with Liquidtight Connectors

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Stop corrosion in industrial electrical applications with Liquidtight Connectors. Stainless steel, aluminum and non-metallic materials withstand the elements.

Get a Grip on Your Options and Get Connected

There are so many options for purchasing cable connectors and cord grips! This handy checklist covers all the specs to help you get exactly what you need.
PowRTeck MC Connectors by Remke a Quick Reference Guide - Remke Blog

Quick Guide: MC Cable Connectors

MC Cable Continues to Improve with Advances in Materials and Fittings. A quick-guide to Remke's line of MC cable connectors for jacketed MC and Teck cable.
Securing Vertical Cable Runs for Utilities, Vertical Cable Runs, Industrial, Commercial and Residential - Remke Blog

Securing Cable Runs - Part 2

Handy charts to easily select the best wire grips for able support to better secure cable runs. Make vertical runs or flexing connections more secure.
Securing Cable Runs with Wire Support Grips - Remke Blog

Securing Cable Runs - Part 1

How to choose wire mesh grips for cable support in vertical cable runs and in applications with bending and flexing applications.
Anodized Aluminum Cord Grips from Remke - Remke Blog

Anodized Aluminum Cord Grips

Anodize Any Remke Cord Grip for Added Protection Anodized aluminum cord grips prevent galling, are non-conductive, dissipate heat and won't delaminate. Only Remke gives you the option of anodizing any cord grip - simply order it that way! Aluminum…

Shape-Shifting Design or Futuristic Wire Mesh Grip?

MIT Calls It "Transformable Woven Studies" We think it looks like a giant, futuristic wire mesh grip. Imagine if your electrical connectors could be exponentially strengthened, bent and flexed to the exact configuration of the space, based…
Video Overview of Remke Industries and Remke Connectors, Cord Grips, Cable Glands, Molded Connectors and More - Remke Blog

Remke Connects More Possibilities with Exceptional Service

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Remke Connectors - Delivering More Through Better Customer Service Watch how the customer service-oriented culture at Remke Industries exceeds the expectations of customers across the globe. We manufacture industrial-strength electrical…
Choosing the Right Cable Connector to Avoid Downtime in Harsh Environments and Applications - Remke Blog

Choosing the Right Cable Connectors to Avoid Downtime - A Whitepaper

Advanced Selection of Industrial Electrical Connectors for Harsh Applications Failure of a single electrical connector can stop production in a split second. Repair time depends mainly on the type of connection that is used. The right connector…
Cord Grip and Cable connector manufacturer comparison - Remke Blog

Cord Grip & Cable Connector Manufacturers Comparison

Quickly Compare Manufacturers of Cord Grips and Cable Connectors Remke Connects you to More Possibilities! A quick comparison chart of the capabilities offered by different cable connector manufacturers, including Remke, Molex, P&S, Hubbell,…
Custom Multiple hole bushings with cord grip assembly - Remke Blog

Custom Bushing Design Guide

NEW! Custom, Multiple-Hole Bushings Configure exactly the custom bushing you need, and we'll manufacture and ship it fast! Remke's new catalog features a Custom Bushing Design Guide (type in Page 35) that makes it easy to get the exact bushing…
Stainlesss Steel electrical connectors for food processing and fda washdowns - Remke Blog

Material Selection Guide for Electrical Connectors in Food Processing

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The Harsh Environment of Food Processing Facilities Requires the Right Materials To achieve optimum performance, and reduce maintenance, it is crucial for food processing equipment to use the right electrical connectors. The machinery,…

The Anatomy of a Cord Grip

Improve Cord Grip Performance by Understanding What Makes Them Work No matter what type of environment or application, the right cord grip configuration will improve reliability, usability and long-term performance.  The right cord grip…
Liquidtight Solar Cord Grips

Solar Helio-Seal™ Liquidtight Cord Grips

Liquidtight Solar Cord Grips Remke Helio-seal liquidtight connectors are ideal for your solar project needs! Featuring a skinned-over gland, including a thin, Santoprene membrane, allowing 1 to 13 wires to enter the membrane, they are made of…
Aluminum Liquidtight Connectors

Aluminum Liquidtight Liqua-Seal Connectors

Remke ALM-Series Liquidtight Liqua-Seal Connectors Remke’s new Liquidtight Aluminum cord grips are made of high-quality, forged aluminum with a natural sleek finish. These connectors were made for superior strength and durability in many…