Remke Blog Multiple Hole Bushings Infographic -

Multiple Hole Bushings for Better Electrical Termination

Save money on equipment and labor, plus save space by using multiple hole bushings to terminate several loose cables and conductors with one simple fitting.
Strain Relief Cable Glands with Dome Cap - Remke Blog

Which Single Component is Used in Hot Tubs, Robotics and Dental Equipment?

Remke Dome Cap Cable Glands are easy-to-assemble and suited for all types of machinery. They withstand harsh environments and are assembled fast!
Remke PowR-Teckmetal clad cable connectors are a one piece unit that won't have you wasting time assembling.

Metal Clad Cable Connector Comparisons and More!

Find the metal clad cable connector that is perfect for your needs quickly and easily with help from Remke's comparison tables and more!
Nickel Plated Aluminum Cord Grips by Remke

Nickel-Plated Aluminum Cord Grips

If you need reliable cord and cable grips that are resistant to corrosion and harsh environments, but fit well within a tight budget, you should consider Remke's line of Nickel-Plated Aluminum Cord Grips! Read more about this product and its applications below.
Remke Custom Stainless Steel Connectors Whitepaper for Engineered Solutions

Custom Stainless Steel Connectors & Cord Grips

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Download our latest whitepaper focusing on Remke customization capabilities for stainless steel electrical connectors & cord grips. Learn why stainless steel is the most corrosion resistant material available and how we can solve your toughest connector challenges!
Learn More About the Two Common Misconceptions about Custom Electrical Connectors & Cord Grip Add-ons with Information from Remke Industries

Two Common Misconceptions about Custom Electrical Connectors & Cord Grip Add-ons

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Let’s talk through two key electrical connector misconceptions, showing you our extensive and affordable customization and cord grip add-on capabilities. Learn more today!
Melni connectors for direct burial and submersible applications; crimpless butt splice connectors -

Introducing the MELNI Crimpless Butt Splice Connectors

Remke’s new Melni Crimpless Butt Splice Connectors make direct burial and submersive applications faster and safer reducing time exposed to live wires and taking crimping out of the equation!
Valox Cord Grips & Connectors for Extreme Conditions from Remke for Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications for Remke Valox Cord Grips

Non-metallic Electrical Connectors and Cord Grips are a must-use under extremely corrosive conditions. Read about why.
Tips to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors from Remke Industries

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Electrical Connectors

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Electrical connectors are essential components of industrial settings, but not all are created equal. Learn how to improve the reliability of cord grips, cable glands, molded cordsets and more with options from Remke.
Cord grips, cable glands and all types of industrial electrical connectors -

Remke Cord Grips and Cable Connectors

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It’s understandable for a product like electrical cable connectors and cord grips, widely used in all types of industrial plants, to be called a commodity. They are used literally anywhere that a cable or conduit connects to some type of machine or enclosure. But does that mean they are a commodity product, right?

Seal Out the Elements with Remke Connectors

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Get industrial-strength cable strain relief with Remke cord grips and cable connectors for any heavy duty application – contact us to learn more!
BD-2HL Melni Connectors from Remke

Introducing New Melni Connectors!

Our new Melni BD-2HLS crimpless connector replaces multiple tools and works with a wide range of cable sizes – contact us to learn more!
Helio-Seal Liquidtight Connectors for Solar Panel Rooftop Installation_Remke Industries

Helio-Seal Liquidtight Solar Cable Connectors Save Time & Money

Helio-Seal Liquidtight Cord Grips designed smart to perform! Faster connections at lower costs. When time is money and performance is everything think Remke.

Cable Strain Relief for High-Heat Environments

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Hot environments require reliable connections that perform no matter what the temperature. Remke Strain Relief Cable Connectors go to work for you!
Valox Electrical Connectors in Food Processing and other harsh environments - Remke Blog

Valox Cord Grips for Reliability in the Harshest Conditions

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Non-metallic, Valox® cord grips are ideal for FDA-washdowns or any heavy-duty application that requires a strong seal against dirt, moisture, fumes and/or chemicals.
PowRTeck MC Connectors by Remke Unique One Piece Design - Remke Blog

PowR-Teck MC Connectors Save Time & Money

Our PowR-Teck MC Cable Connectors feature an exclusive PowR-Lock™ one-piece design. No disassembly required – just push the cable through, tighten the connectors and you’re done.
Alternative and Renewable Energy Solutions by Remke

The Best Connectors for Alternative and Renewable Energy

Reliable components that keep alternative & renewable energy facilities powered up are in demand. Remke knows the best connectors are connectors that work.
EMC Connectors by Remke - Remke Blog

How EMC Connectors Shield Against Electromagnetic Frequencies

Harsh conditions wreak havoc on electrical connections. Electromagnetic shielding reduces the electromagnetic field in a space by blocking the field.