Easy to Follow Purchasing Checklist for Cord Grips and Cable Connectors - From the Remke Blog

When deciding which cable connectors and cord grips will give you optimum performance, there are many factors to consider. This checklist will help you figure out exactly what you need, and what to consider before making a decision.

A catalog of Remke's Stainless Steel Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh

Connector Talk: Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh

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Deluxe Cord Grips with Mesh are NOT All Made Alike The utilitarian deluxe cord grip with mesh may not get a lot of attention, but it is without a doubt one of the most in-demand electrical connector types.  Used mainly in industrial applications…
Remke liquidtight connectors and conduit fittings reduce corrosion in harsh industrail environments.

Liquidtight Connectors Stop Corrosion Of Conduit Fittings

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Stop corrosion in industrial electrical applications with Liquidtight Connectors. Stainless steel, aluminum and non-metallic materials withstand the elements.
Remke Cable Entry Expanaded View of Panel Interface.

Cable Entry Plate Systems from Remke - Save Space, Time & Money

Remke introduces BRM Cable Entry Plates designed to reduce install time and increase efficient use of space. When do you use a cable entry plate?  Whenever and wherever you have to accommodate a number of different use cables, wires and/or…
Remke Stainless Steel Cord Grips Oil and Gas Industry

Stainless Steel Cord Grips - Oil & Gas Industry Sensors

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Stainless Cord Grips Protecting Electronics In the Oil & Gas Industry  Remke Stainless Steel Cord Grips are the perfect solution for corrosive environment applications. One of Remke's Stainless Steel Cord Grip Customers, a leader in…
Dome Cap Cable Glands for Liquidtight Applications - Remke Blog

The Benefits and Applications of Dome Cap Cable Glands

Remke Dome Cap Cable Glands require no disassembly for faster installation in any application. Plus, they are NEMA and IP-rated for harsh and wet environments.
Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors Easy-to-Read Purchasing Checklist - From the Remke Blog

Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors Purchasing Checklist

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If you’re trying to decide which stainless steel electrical connectors and cord grips are right for your application, this checklist will help you figure out exactly what you need, and what to consider before making that decision.
A Comparison of Type 304 & 316 Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors from Remke - Blog.Remke.com

Infographic: Types 304 and 316 Stainless Steel

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When it comes to stainless steel connectors, Types 304 and 316 are the most common types available. It can be extremely difficult to tell the difference between these grades of stainless steel, but this infographic shows the comparison.
The Right Stainless Steel Connectors for harsh environments

Whitepaper: The Right Stainless Steel Connectors Make a Difference

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Our latest whitepaper digs into the life of stainless steel connectors, the different types of stainless steel connectors, and how we specialize in creating custom stainless steel connectors in small or large production runs to fit your exact specifications.
A catalog of Remke's Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors - Blog.Remke.com

Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors Brochure

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There is value to holding a brochure in your hands, seeing all of the information laid out in front of you, and not needing to scroll through a page. Get the latest on corrosion resistant stainless steel connectors now from Remke!
Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors Manufacturer Comparison - Remke Blog

Stainless Steel Cable Connectors - A Manufacturer Comparison

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Not All Stainless Steel Electrical Connector Manufacturers are Created Equal. Remke delivers more options, more stock connectors and more sizes than most! From the size to the type of steel, number of parts in stock to the bushing options available, Remke has more stainless steel connectors.
Choosing cord grip options can be complicated - let Remke help.

What To Consider When Choosing Cord Grip Options

Cord grips secure the cable so it's important to choose the correct grips and options. Learn more about what to consider when choosing cord grip options.
What Is A Cord Grip? - Remke Blog

What Is a Cord Grip?

Used in both industrial and commercial facilities, cord grips provide the means for passing cord or cable. Learn more in this post from Remke.
Anodized Aluminum Cord Grips from Remke - Remke Blog

Anodized Aluminum Cord Grips

If you’re looking for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, industrial-strength, aluminum strain relief cord grips and connectors are UL-listed and CSA certified to provide the cable strain relief protection you need.
Why Choose Cord Grips and Cable Connectors from Remke - Remke.com

Why More People Choose Remke Cord Grips

Remke has been manufacturing cord grips in Chicago for over 50 years. Made in the USA, we offer a breadth of line in stock, more options, more sizes, and more selection than that of the “big guys.”
What Do Cord Grips Do? Answers from the Remke Blog

What are Cord Grips Used For?

Where should you use each cord grip and connector? Learn more about cord grips and the many applications they are used for.
Best Cord Grips for Cold Weather - Blog.Remke.com

The Best Cord Grips for Cold Environments

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When temperatures dip down to freezing levels, the integrity of equipment can be compromised. When it comes to cord grips, the actual cord grip itself is one of the most important aspects to creating reliable electrical connections. The most dependable seals in a harsh environmental applications are found with Stainless Steel, Valox, and Nickel-Plated Aluminum. Trust Remke to help you find the best cord grip for your application!
Cord Grip Selection Guide for Harsh Environments by Connector Supplier eBook - Remke Blog

eBook Guide: Cord Grip Selection for Harsh-Environments

Cord grips today offer a myriad of customization options. But the material of the actual cord grip itself is one of the most important aspects to creating more reliable connections in the long-run.
Liquid Tight Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors - Blog.Remke.com

Two Remke Products, One Liquid Tight Solution

Steel liquid-tight cord grips and watertight conduit hubs can withstand some of the most corrosive environments around.
Multiple hole bushings for cord grips - Blog.remke.com

Multiple Hole Bushings are as Versatile as the Problems they Solve

The Ultimate in Flexibility to Create the Most Reliable Connections, When several cables need to be terminated into one single cord grip, multiple hole bushings are the answer. Over 600 different configurations are ready to ship that fit round, square or flat cable holes.