Stainless Steel Cord Grips

Corrosion-resistant cord grip connectors feature a body and compression nut made of Type 304 stainless steel with exceptional tensile strength and the highest levels of durability in severely corrosive environments.

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Stainless Steel Cord Grip Configurations

Cord Grips without mesh

Standard Cord Grips with no strain relief mesh still provide strain relief and pullout protection in accordance with UL and are available in sizes from 3/8″ NPT up to 3″ NPT.

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Cord Grips with Strain Relief Mesh

Some applications need additional strain relief, pullout protection, and protection from cable bending/kinking near termination points. cord grips made of stainless steel are available with additional strain relief mesh are available in sizes from 3/8″ NPT up to 3″ NPT.

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UL E53599 & CSA 28985

Stainless Steel Cord Grip Features

Stainless Steel cord grip connectors include an embedded Buna-N O-Ring.  These connectors are recommended for use in washdowns or high moisture environments in food processing plants, petrochemical facilities, wastewater treatment plants, pulp &paper mills, and chemical manufacturing factories.  (Note:  Type 316 stainless steel is also available upon request.)

Available in thread sizes from 3/8″ NPT to 4″ NPT.

The standard bushings included in the connectors have 1 hole and are neoprene. Optionally, there are multiple hole bushings to support multiple wires/cables passing through & silicone bushings for high-temperature applications.

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Type 304 and Type 316 Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Cord Grip Connector with Strain Relief Mesh

Type 304 stainless steel is the standard material. Type 304 stainless steel is used in the Food and Beverage industry, Chemical and Petrochemical industry, and anywhere higher corrosion resistance is needed.

Type 316 stainless steel is an optional material often used in the Chemical Processing industry, Medical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, marine and coastal environments, and in areas that require the most corrosion resistance.

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Other Cord Grip Materials

Aluminum Cord Grips

Aluminum Cord Grips are UL Listed and CSA Certified for use in both indoor and outdoor applications to prevent cable pullout, control arc of bend, and to provide a tight seal against environmental elements such as dirt, moisture and coolants. Cord Grips are available in conduit sizes from ¼” to 4” in straight, 90º and 45º styles.

Aluminum Cord Grips

Steel Cord Grips

Steel Cord Connectors feature a body and compression nut made of zinc-chromium plated steel for added strength and durability, enhanced resistance to rust and a better physical appearance. Available in sizes from 3/8″ NPT to 1 1/2″ NPT.

Steel Cord Grips

Non-Metallic Cord Grips

Non-Metallic Cord Grips and Plastic Cable Glands offer unparalleled performance in all types of demanding industrial environments. These non-metallic electrical connectors allow for a lower cost alternative to metallic cord grips and offer excellent resistance to dust, dirt, washdowns, chemicals, acids and other corrosive liquids.

Non Metallic Cord Grips

Stainless Steel Cord Grip Size Chart:

SkuThread SizeThread TypeCable RangeStrain Relief Mesh
RSSS-0033/8NPT.125 – .188No
RSSS-0043/8NPT.188 – .250No
RSSS-004-E3/8NPT.188 – .250Yes
RSSS-0053/8NPT.250 – .312No
RSSS-005-E3/8NPT.250 – .312Yes
RSSS-0063/8NPT.312 – .375No
RSSS-006-E3/8NPT.312 – .375Yes
RSSS-0073/8NPT.375 – .438No
RSSS-007-E3/8NPT.375 – .438Yes
RSSS-1031/2NPT.125 – .188No
RSSS-1041/2NPT.188 – .250No
RSSS-104-E1/2NPT.188 – .250Yes
RSSS-1051/2NPT.250 – .312No
RSSS-105-E1/2NPT.250 – .312Yes
RSSS-1061/2NPT.312 – .375No
RSSS-106-E1/2NPT.312 – .375Yes
RSSS-1071/2NPT.375 – .438No
RSSS-107-E1/2NPT.375 – .438Yes
RSSS-1081/2NPT.438 – .500No
RSSS-108-E1/2NPT.438 – .500Yes
RSSS-1091/2NPT.500 – .562No
RSSS-109-E1/2NPT.500 – .562Yes
RSSS-1101/2NPT.562 – .625No
RSSS-110-E1/2NPT.562 – .625Yes
RSSS-2083/4NPT.438 – .500No
RSSS-208-E3/4NPT.438 – .500Yes
RSSS-2093/4NPT.500 – .562No
RSSS-209-E3/4NPT.500 – .562Yes
RSSS-2103/4NPT.562 – .625No
RSSS-210-E3/4NPT.562 – .625Yes
RSSS-2113/4NPT.568 – .688No
RSSS-211-E3/4NPT.568 – .688Yes
RSSS-2123/4NPT.625 – .750No
RSSS-212-E3/4NPT.625 – .750Yes
RSSS-2133/4NPT.688 – .812No
RSSS-213-E3/4NPT.688 – .812Yes
RSSS-3091NPT.500 – .562No
RSSS-309-E1NPT.500 – .562Yes
RSSS-3101NPT.562 – .625No
RSSS-310-E1NPT.562 – .625Yes
RSSS-3111NPT.568 – .688No
RSSS-311-E1NPT.568 – .688Yes
RSSS-3121NPT.625 – .750No
RSSS-312-E1NPT.625 – .750Yes
RSSS-3131NPT.688 – .812No
RSSS-313-E1NPT.688 – .812Yes
RSSS-3141NPT.750 – .875No
RSSS-314-E1NPT.750 – .875Yes
RSSS-3151NPT.812 – .938No
RSSS-315-E1NPT.812 – .938Yes
RSSS-3161NPT.875 – 1.00No
RSSS-316-E1NPT.875 – 1.00Yes
RSSS-4111 1/4NPT.568 – .688No
RSSS-4131 1/4NPT.688 – .812No
RSSS-4141 1/4NPT.750 – .875No
RSSS-414-E1 1/4NPT.750 – .875Yes
RSSS-4161 1/4NPT.875 – 1.00No
RSSS-416-E1 1/4NPT.875 – 1.00Yes
RSSS-4181 1/4NPT1.00 – 1.125No
RSSS-418-E1 1/4NPT1.00 – 1.125Yes
RSSS-4201 1/4NPT1.125 – 1.250No
RSSS-420-E1 1/4NPT1.125 – 1.250Yes
RSSS-4221 1/4NPT1.250 – 1.375No
RSSS-422-E1 1/4NPT1.250 – 1.375Yes
RSSS-5111 1/2NPT.568 – .688No
RSSS-5131 1/2NPT.688 – .812No
RSSS-5141 1/2NPT.750 – .875No
RSSS-514-E1 1/2NPT.750 – .875Yes
RSSS-5161 1/2NPT.875 – 1.00No
RSSS-516-E1 1/2NPT.875 – 1.00Yes
RSSS-5181 1/2NPT1.00 – 1.125No
RSSS-518-E1 1/2NPT1.00 – 1.125Yes
RSSS-5201 1/2NPT1.125 – 1.250No
RSSS-520-E1 1/2NPT1.125 – 1.250Yes
RSSS-5221 1/2NPT1.250 – 1.375No
RSSS-522-E1 1/2NPT1.250 – 1.375Yes
RSSS-6222NPT1.250 – 1.375No
RSSS-622-E2NPT1.250 – 1.375Yes
RSSS-6252NPT1.438 – 1.562No
RSSS-625-E2NPT1.438 – 1.562Yes
RSSS-6272NPT1.562 – 1.688No
RSSS-627-E2NPT1.562 – 1.688Yes
RSSS-6292NPT1.688 – 1.812No
RSSS-629-E2NPT1.688 – 1.812Yes
RSSS-67292NPT1.688 – 1.812No
RSSS-6729-E2NPT1.688 – 1.812Yes
RSSS-67312NPT1.812 – 1.938No
RSSS-6731-E2NPT1.812 – 1.938Yes
RSSS-67332NPT1.938 – 2.062No
RSSS-6733-E2NPT1.938 – 2.062Yes
RSSS-67352NPT2.062 – 2.188Yes
RSSS-6735-E2NPT2.062 – 2.188Yes
RSSS-67372NPT2.188 – 2.312No
RSSS-6737-E2NPT2.188 – 2.312Yes
RSSS-67392NPT2.312 – 2.438No
RSSS-6739-E2NPT2.312 – 2.438Yes
RSSS-7292 1/2NPT1.688 – 1.812No
RSSS-729-E2 1/2NPT1.688 – 1.812Yes
RSSS-7312 1/2NPT1.812 – 1.938No
RSSS-731-E2 1/2NPT1.812 – 1.938Yes
RSSS-7332 1/2NPT1.938 – 2.062No
RSSS-733-E2 1/2NPT1.938 – 2.062Yes
RSSS-7352 1/2NPT2.062 – 2.188No
RSSS-735-E2 1/2NPT2.062 – 2.188Yes
RSSS-7372 1/2NPT2.188 – 2.312No
RSSS-737-E2 1/2NPT2.188 – 2.312Yes
RSSS-7392 1/2NPT2.312 – 2.438No
RSSS-739-E2 1/2NPT2.312 – 2.438Yes
RSSS-9013NPT2.437 – 2.625No
RSSS-901-E3NPT2.437 – 2.625Yes
RSSS-9023NPT2.625 – 2.812No
RSSS-902-E3NPT2.625 – 2.812Yes
RSSS-9033NPT2.812 – 3.000No
RSSS-903-E3NPT2.812 – 3.000Yes
RSSS-9043NPT3.000 – 3.250No
RSSS-904-E3NPT3.000 – 3.250Yes
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