Non metallic Cord Grips

Non-Metallic Cord Grips and Plastic Cable Glands offer unparalleled performance in all types of demanding industrial environments. These non-metallic electrical connectors allow for a lower-cost alternative to metallic cord grips and offer excellent resistance to dust, dirt, washdowns, chemicals, acids, and other corrosive liquids.

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Non Metallic Cord Grip Materials

Polyamide Cord Grips & Cable Glands

Polyamide cord grips and cable glands provide easy handling, quick installation, impact and abrasion resistance, even at very low temperatures. These cable glands are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous flexing and bending with ease and can be used with a wide range of cables for strain relief both indoors and outdoors.

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Nylon Cord Grips & Cable Glands

RSP Series of Non-Metallic Cord Connectors are constructed of a durable, nylon material that offers excellent corrosion resistance, is lightweight, durable, and ideal for use in damp environments.

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Valox Cord Grips & Cable Glands

Cord Grips made of Valox are cutting-edge, non­metallic connectors with excellent heat, chemical, and corrosion resistance. This non-hygroscopic material provides high mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties for stability and reliability.

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UL E53599 & CSA 28985

Non Metallic Cord Grip Features

RSP Nylon Corrosion-Resistant Connectors can be ordered with or without wire mesh attachments. The straight-body style accommodates 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ conduit sizes while the 90° body fits 1/2″ and 3/4″ conduit. These connectors also feature a compression bushing made of high-quality, oil-resistant Neoprene rubber with an anti-friction washer made of nylon.

Valox connectors are commonly used in Automation, OEMs Maintenance and repair operations, food processing, wastewater treatment, Petrochemical, marine and shipboard, pulp, and paper processing.

• Wire mesh attachments
• Straight-body style for 3/a”, ½” and ¾” conduit sizes
• 9O-degree body for½” and¾” conduit.

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additional Strain Relief Mesh

Some applications require additional strain relief mesh to provide additional strain relief and protection against cable flexing.

These cord grips are often referred to by the slang term “deluxe cord grips” or just “strain relief grips”.

Strain relief wire mesh is available for cord grips in sizes from 3/8″ – 3″ NPT, in Metric from M16 – M50, and in PG thread from PG9 – PG42.

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Other Cord Grip Materials

Stainless Steel Cord Grips

Stainless steel is available in type 304 and type 316 and is tough enough for more corrosive environments and perfect for areas with frequent washdowns.
Available in sizes from 3/8″ to 3″, with optional strain relief mesh.

Stainless Steel Cord Grips

Aluminum Cord Grips

Aluminum Cord Grips are UL Listed and CSA Certified for use in both indoor and outdoor applications to prevent cable pullout, control arc of bend, and to provide a tight seal against environmental elements such as dirt, moisture and coolants. Cord Grips are available in conduit sizes from ¼” to 4” in straight, 90º and 45º styles.

Aluminum Cord Grips

Steel Cord Grips

Steel Cord Connectors feature a body and compression nut made of zinc-chromium plated steel for added strength and durability, enhanced resistance to rust and a better physical appearance. Available in sizes from 3/8″ NPT to 1 1/2″ NPT.

Steel Cord Grips