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Improve Cord Grip Performance by Understanding What Makes Them Work

No matter what type of environment or application, the right cord grip configuration will improve reliability, usability and long-term performance. 

The right cord grip will:

  • Prevent cable pullout
  • Control arc of bend
  • Seal out the elements
  • Create a secure connection

Remke cord grips are in stock in many configurations to meet your exact specifications, including 3-1/2″ and 4″ sizes!

They feature a unique design with a combination tightening surface for easier installation.
It includes both a hex area and knurl surface that provides extra grip for initial hand tightening.

Remke Cord Grip Anatomy and Configurations - Remke Blog


Lock Nut
Optional lock nut for securing the connector to the outside of the enclosure or machine to prevent loosening under vibration.


NPT, PG or Metric Threads
Choose the type of threading required for your application.


Viton® O-Ring
A higher level of sealing to greatly reduce the ingress of moisture, and other particles that decrease the reliability of the cord grip over time.


Neoprene Bushing
Protect the cable, eliminate abrasion and withstand chemicals, oils and moisture with a Neoprene bushing inside the cord grip.


Choose from several metallic and non-metallic materials based on the environment of your application.

  • Wet Applications: SS, Nylon, Valox®, Nickel-Plated Aluminum
  • Hot Environments: SS, Valox, Nickel-Plated Aluminum
  • Cold Environments: SS
  • Chemical: SS, Valox
  • Mechanical: SS, Aluminum, Nickel-Plated Aluminum

This Infographic: Connectors for Harsh Environments breaks it all down for you.

Cable Strain Relief for harsh environments


Wire Mesh Grip
Increase performance in bending and flexing applications with a wire mesh grip.

Read Securing Cable Runs Part 1 and Part 2 for more information.


Heavy-duty, reliable cord grip performance starts with Remke!

Get the most reliable cable strain relief connectors and cord grips to meet your specs with many materials and options available in our extensive inventory that’s ready to ship.  Here’s an article on what to consider when choosing a cord grip.

Or we can custom-manufacture cord grips in small and large runs. See our Engineered Solutions Program for details.

Many Cord Grip Sizes in Stock

Sizes from ¼” to 4” in straight, 90º and 45º styles are in stock or ready to be customized.