Cord grip add on components improve the performance of standard cord grips and cable connectors - Remke Blog

Improve the performance of cord grips with optional add-on components.

Transform a standard cord grip into a specialized solution to enhance the power and function of your electrical connectors in any application.

This infographic highlights popular cord grip add-ons and uses.

Cord grip add-ons infographic shows the different add on components for cord grips and cable connectors to improve performance - Remke Blog

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Strengthen, seal out, save space, support, protect and more.

Our optional standard Cord Grip Add-Ons will take the performance of your electrical connectors to the next level.


Enhance the capabilities of your electrical connectors for your next application with Remke connectors.

Multiple Hole Bushings
Nickel Plating
Drain Fittings
Wire Mesh Grips 

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