turkey dinner TheKitchn

Happy Thanksgiving! We sincerely wish all of our customers, employees, business partners and associates a very happy holiday.

We hope that you get to connect with your families, connect with your community and definitely connect with some turkey!

As our new website launches at Remke.com with a new logo and tagline “Connecting Possibilities” we can’t help but think about how that applies to more than just the electrical connectors we manufacture.

Through the years, we’ve seen the connections made during the course of business, and how some of those connections have lasted for years, and become genuine friendships. It’s amazing what can happen when good people work together. New ideas, new possibilities and new ways of doing things evolve!

For instance, by connecting with TheKitchn.com, we’ve learned that there are so many more ways to cook a turkey than just putting it in the oven! We really want to try something new this year …. maybe a glazed and braised turkey, or one of these 9 Non-Traditional Ways to Cook a Turkey >


turkey dinner TheKitchnRegardless of how you cook, or whether you cook at all, we hope this holiday brings you much happiness, relaxation and most of all connections to what matters most.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from everyone at Remke!