Molded Connectors Micro-link Purchasing List from Remke Industries

Nothing is considered standard at Remke Inc.

We specialize in connecting possibilities, and often forging those secure connections requires thinking outside the box, or electrical connector. Through our extensive Engineering Solutions program, we can customize cable assemblies, molded connectors, cord sets, and micro-link connectors.

Dozens of Options with Remke Micro-Link Connectors

Remke Micro-Link connectors feature dozens of options to create reliable electrical connections in any environment. PVC, PUR, TPE and Rubber protect the connector, which is factory molded to the cable for extra durability. They are also NEMA 6P and IP 67 Rated for compliant environmental protection in extreme elements.

Choose your configuration from our extensive inventory in-stock, or let us take the reins and custom-engineer a unique Micro-Link connector to your exact specifications.

Mix and match from our quality selection of:

  • Special Materials for Receptacles, Coupling Nuts, Overmolding & Cable
  • Special Hardware
  • Custom Cable Assemblies
  • Special Wiring
  • Custom Packaging
  • Kitting & Private Labeling

Don’t take our word for it…

Here are a couple of prime examples, displaying the depth and breadth of Remke’s custom capabilities.

Sensor Connectors for Forging Equipment – a customized product solution

Custom Cable Connectors – Immersible for use in ATVs.

Customer Connectors for a Wet & Corrosive Application

Within each of the three case studies above, our client had a hang-up, a problem, that a standard solution just couldn’t solve. The Remke Engineering Solutions team got to work! We are capable of slightly modifying a product or creating a design that it uniquely yours.

No project or problem is too big or too small – we are here to help no matter what!

If you have any questions about our line of electrical connectors or customized solutions, reach out any time or request a quote today.